Uganda Dispels Rumors of Degree Rejection by Nigeria: NCHE Asserts Authenticity


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The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) in Uganda has categorically denied recent reports suggesting that Nigeria is contemplating rejecting Ugandan degree certificates due to concerns about their authenticity.

Prof Mary Okwakol, the executive director of NCHE, refuted the allegations and clarified that there have been no formal complaints from Nigeria regarding the legitimacy of academic papers issued by Ugandan institutions. NCHE is responsible for investigating complaints related to higher learning institutions and taking appropriate actions to maintain educational standards.


Contrary to the circulated reports, Nigeria has not suspended accreditation for Ugandan degrees, and Prof Okwakol urged individuals with evidence of fake degrees to come forward and provide information for necessary action.

While the NCHE addresses these concerns, educationist Rose Stella Akongo emphasized the importance of vigilance against obtaining degrees in an unusually short period. Akongo cautioned against pursuing substandard courses and stressed the need for thorough verification.

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The Ministry of Education in Uganda refrained from making official comments on the matter until formal communication is received.

This development follows a case last year where a Ugandan student faced challenges at a UK university due to an allegedly expired undergraduate course. In response, NCHE directed universities to submit programs for review. Currently, 2,395 out of 4,369 accredited degree programs are in the final stages of this comprehensive review process.

In recent times, both Makerere University and Kyambogo University have taken steps to address concerns related to the authenticity of academic documents. Makerere University initiated investigations into fake degree awards and urged employers to reverify degrees. Meanwhile, Kyambogo University’s Vice Chancellor, Prof Eli Katunguka, pledged to revoke degrees obtained fraudulently. Instances of individuals using genuine academic documents that did not belong to them have also been reported.

As the educational authorities in Uganda navigate these challenges, maintaining transparency and credibility in academic certifications remains a priority.


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