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20 year old abandons baby in toilet bin of Air Mauritius

A baby was discovered in a bin inside Air Mauritius by the airport staffs who were screening the plane for their custom routine check after the plane had landed, they had became suspicious after finding bloody toilet papers inside the restroom of the aircraft during their investigations .

A 20-year-old lady was suspected to be the child’s mother even though she had tried to deny it at first, she was made to take a medical examination that confirmed that she had just had a baby.

Abandoned Baby
The abandoned baby

According to reports by  Newsweek.com, the woman was arrested by the airport officials and taken to a public hospital where her baby was rushed earlier on and she was placed under police surveillance, after a while it was confirmed that both her and the baby were doing okay.

The 20 year old woman was questioned, and it was discovered that she is originally from Madagascar where she had initially boarded the flight and came into Mauritius with a two-year work permit. Sources confirmed that the young Malagasy woman will be  charged to court for child abandonment.

20 year old abandons baby in toilet bin of Air Mauritius
Passage on a passenger plane next to the toilet in economy class

The Incident that happened in the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolan International Airport on the 1st of January took everybody by surprise because babies are known to be a source of joy to mothers, with so many mothers still hoping to carry their baby someday, one would wonder why stories like this  still plagues the world. Babies are being celebrated when they come into this world and their every cry gives happiness, sense of pride and satisfaction that brings joy to the family. So, what could be the possible reason why this 20 year old woman abandoned her baby?



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