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10 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Cape Verde


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Ever wondered where the 10 fun places to hang out in Cape Verde are? Cape Verde is a beautiful place. It is said that it straddles the Atlantic Ocean.

Many say that the country is more westernized than the rest of the African continent.

The signature music and bustling markets tell you that you are not far from the African coast.

You may not see it on the map of Africa but this small country has a lot to offer the world. it has many islands that have many attractions that draw tourists to visit them again and again.

It has a vibrant nightlife marked by loud and vibrant music and it has everything that an outdoor enthusiast can imagine. ‘

It has beautiful terrain and you can enjoy hiking, watersports or a fun time relaxing by the sea.



The island Fogo means fire and is the most popular of all the Cape Verde islands. The main attraction on this island is the volcano Pico de Fogo. You can climb it in six hours starting at the Cha de Caldeiras.

The largest city on this island is Sao Filipe. It is the fourth largest city in Cape Verde and the island’s airport is located on Fogo. The island also has stunning beaches that you can explore forever if you are a tourist and have all the time in the world.


The Sal is the sunniest island, and some say the sandiest beach. You can access the island by plane. It is like unexplored land, a virgin island. Sal has an international airport and a population of about 20,000 people. It is very hot and dry and has miles of sandy beaches that make it a tropical island. If you are looking to relax by the beach the entire vacation, and explore its vegetation, this is the place to visit.



The Palmeira is a harbour situated on the island of Sal. This busy harbour is responsible for imports and exports. This spot attracts many tourists and has beautiful architecture, lively bars and restaurants.

Tourists who love to dive target the island of Sal as a place of fun. They come from all over the globe to explore the underwater caves and reefs. Fascinating reefs and caves are located just off the coastline of Palmeira. They have the best salt baths and are perfect for relaxation for tourists who want to take the stress off.

Santa Maria, in Cape Verde

Santa Maria

Santa Maria is also located on the island of Sal. Santa Maria is a developed city that is lively. With hotels of the highest standards that will surpass the expectation of foreigners from Europe, North America and beyond, it attracts the best tourists.

It is one of Cape Verde’s unique locations for a classic beach resort holiday. With sandy beaches a walking distance from the hotel, you can access clear blue water for activities such as Jet skiing and scuba diving. The main sight of Santa Maria is the Weighhouse located at the old harbour. In the past, salt was measured in this place before export.



Praia is located on Santiago Island. It is the capital city of Cape Verde. It is the capital and the economic and political home of Cape Verde.

Although the focus is not on tourism on this island, the old colonial buildings are fascinating. Tourists enjoy exploring the old town and taking beautiful pictures.

Apart from some sunshine and culture, there are churches, beautiful sandy beaches nearby. Do not swim in the Praia de Gamboa, it is not recommended for swimming.


Sal Rei

Sal Rei is the capital city of Cape Verde’s easternmost island. The island has a relaxed feel and is the home to half the island’s population.

The main plaza of the city has a distinctly African feel. Traders and colourful flowers around great architecture are selling goods. Souvenirs are available in the plaza such as wooden ornaments and flamboyant flowers.

One of the main tourist attractions is the baroque style church and many colonial buildings. There are also many beaches on the Sal Rei.

10 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Cape Verde

Riberia Grande

Riberia Grande is burrowed in a valley named after it. It is a cosy and stunning city on Santo Antao Island. The winding streets are as delightful as the small restaurants and guesthouses that dot the island.

Tourists are always captivated by the food and clothes market, and the Nossa Senhora do Rosario church. The hot springs with the calm and natural feel is a natural draw for tourists.



Porto Novo

Porto Novo is located on the island of Santo Antao and has a constant dry feeling in the atmosphere. The dry feeling is aggravated by the hot dusty wind that blows in this city. This city bears the history of all the past kings of Porto Novo. It has a royal palace and many governments and colonial buildings. King Toffa once occupied the royal palace. This is the best way to learn how royalty in Africa lived.

Riberia Brava in Cape Verde

Ribeira Brava

Riberia Brave is the capital of Sao Nicolau. It is a small city with a grand backdrop. It is surrounded by mountains and the city is a lively one that starts early. You can see traders in the early hours of dawn setting up wooden crates on narrow streets.

Colourful buildings that line the streets of the town centre make it worth visiting for tourists and others alike. There is ample accommodation for the tourists and a modern market hall where you buy food, clothing and other amenities.



Tarrafal is a 20-mile drive from Riberia Brava. It has more inhabitants than its current neighbour. It is one of the most popular places for beach swimming. This is because it has easy access. There are rumours that the minerals such as iodine that make its black sands help relieve pain.

Tarrafal is home to the largest harbour on the island of Sao Nicolau. Many quality restaurants and shops entertain tourists who visit.


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