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10 Nigerian Cabinet Ministers Resign To Run For President In 2023 Polls

10 Nigerian Cabinet Ministers Resign To Run For President In 2023 Polls

Recent developments in the Nigerian political atmosphere have revolved around the race for its next president. According to several announcements made on Friday, at least 10 cabinet members have resigned to join the race for the country’s next president.

The resignation of the said ministers was forced by the rulings of the incumbent president, Muhammadu Buhari; who asked all ministers, ambassadors, agency heads, and other political appointees, including the central bank governor, to resign on or by May 16 if they remain interested in the race for the presidency.

10 Nigerian Ministers

Since the declaration, many ministers have resigned including; the junior petroleum minister, ministers of justice, transport, labor, Niger Delta, science and technology, and women’s affairs. As revealed by the Minister for Information, Lai Mohammed, among those who also resigned were the junior ministers for mines and education.

Interestingly, the minister for information revealed that; the replacement of these ministers is of great importance to the president.

Political appointees are not allowed to participate in party primaries or vote in them; according to Nigeria’s election legislation, which was revised in February.


Nigerians are expected to vote for a new president, state governors, senators, and members of the House of Representatives early next year. Since he was jointly elected with incumbent President Buhari; Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, who hopes to succeed him, was spared from the directive.

Political parties in Nigeria have till June 3 to choose their candidates.

At the end of this month; Buhari’s APC will hold primary elections to choose candidates, including for president.

So far; more than 20 APC presidential candidates have registered to run in the primary election.

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