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15 African Countries With The Best Electricity In 2022

African Countries With The Best Electricity In 2022

One of the largest development issues facing many African nations is the lack of access to energy, however, some African countries seems to be doing well in the sector of electricity.

Hence, we did a research to find out African countries with the best electricity in 2022.

Millions of people on the continent endure constant darkness because they lack access to power for basic home needs like lights, phone and laptop charging, etc.

In order to significantly increase power generation and delivery in the region, Sub-Saharan African governments would need to invest as much as $350 billion between now and 2030, according to recent research by Wood Mackenzie Ltd.


You might find it interesting to hear that there is still some hope for Africa’s access to energy in the interim.

In actuality, some nations—particularly those in North Africa—are doing very well. Other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, such as Gabon and South Africa, have also demonstrated promise.

We’ll soon concentrate on the list of the 15 African countries with the best electricity access to energy in the continent.

To ensure clarity, it is essential to define the phrase “electricity access” first.

The World Bank defines electricity access as the proportion of people in a specific area or nation who have reliable access to electricity.


Data are gathered from a variety of sources, including industry sources and household surveys, to determine energy availability.

Here’s a list of the African countries with the best electricity in 2022:

  • Egypt: 100% energy access.
  • Algeria: 100% energy access.
  • Morocco: 100% energy access.
  • Tunisia: 100% energy access.
  • Gabon: 91% energy access.
  • South Africa: 85% energy access.
  • Ghana: 84% energy access.
  • Botswana: 70% energy access.
  • Kenya: 70% energy access.
  • Senegal: 70% energy access.
  • Libya: 69% energy access.
  • Ivory Coast: 69% energy access.
  • Equatorial Guinea: 67% energy access.
  • Cameroon: 63% energy access.
  • Nigeria: 55% energy access.

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