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27 year old Nigerian Man, Christian Toby Obumseli Stabbed to Death by his Caucasian Girlfriend Courtney Tailor


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A 27-year-old Nigerian man Christian Toby Obumseli has been stabbed to death by his Caucasian girlfriend Courtney Tailor, in their Miami home in the United States; in what the police have chosen to call a domestic dispute; as Tailor is being held for mental evaluation.

The tragic incident took place at the One Paraiso luxury building in Edgewater on Sunday night. CBS4 spoke with the building’s residents, who said they received an email about the incident. Local 10 News interviewed Courtney Tailor and a close friend of the late 27-year-old, and they described how the couple’s relationship was rocky.

Christian Toby Obumseli and Courtney Tailor

Investigators also said there is evidence that Christian Toby Obumseli and Courtney Tailor had a volatile relationship; because a neighbor of theirs said he had a clear view of the couple’s apartment and told ABC that, a week before the stabbing, he saw Tailor being physically abused.

“I could not tell if it was open-handed or closed-handed, but he was swinging at her,” the neighbor said.

However, friends of the couple have told a different story; where Courtney was the abuser and not Obumseli.

“We’ve seen her hit him. I’ve never seen him hit her,” said  Ashley Vaughn, a friend of the couple.

Investigators are reportedly still trying to figure out if the stabbing was an act of self-defense as officers said there was a struggle before the victim was stabbed in the shoulder and rushed by Miami Fire Rescue to JMH’s Ryder Trauma Center, where he died from his injuries, according to CBS Miami.

From what we’ve personally experienced between the both of them, we believe that Christian wouldn’t put her in a position where she would need to stab him to protect herself,” Vaughn said, speaking for herself and two other freinds of the couple.

At 5 pm on Sunday, @MiamiPD of Edgewater One Paraiso apartment responded to Christian Tobechukwu Obumseli, a 27-year-old man who was stabbed to death in a domestic incident. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. A woman was arrested and Baker took action. The case will be further investigated. A tweet said.

No Charges Yet

Although not much has been reported about Christian Toby Obumseli, Courtney Tailor is an OnlyFans model as well as an Instagram influencer with about two million followers.

Much to general chagrin, Courtney is yet to be charged with a crime. According to ABC, she was detained after the stabbing, but at the police station; she “threatened to kill herself” so she was transported to the hospital under Florida’s Baker Act.

Following the incident, Toby’s family released a statement thus;

“On April 3, 2022, 27-year-old Christian Toby Obumseli was murdered in Florida a week before his 28th birthday. It is unconscionable to make sense of our new reality. That someone’s selfish act ripped Christian away from this world. It is not enough to say we are shocked and hurting–We are utterly devastated. His murder leaves many unanswered questions and creates a void that can never be fixed or filled. Not even with time.”

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