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6 Best Travel Destinations in North Africa


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Do you have any travel plans to North Africa? With so many alternatives and choices, it can be difficult and stressful to decide which places to go and see. However, we know that this list of the best travel destinations in North Africa will help you decide on which Africa country you should visit next.

North Africa will undoubtedly have something and somewhere for you to enjoy, whether you’re interested in skiing, exploring sand dunes, scuba diving, or simply taking a stroll through a beautiful city.

Discover some of the best travel destinations in North Africa by reading on. When you next embark on an adventure, take a look at the locations to add on your travel bucket list.

  1. Sahara Desert, Tunisia
  2. Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt
  3. Atlas Mountains, Morocco
  4. Abu Simbel, Egypt
  5. Tunis, Tunisia
  6. Siwa Oasis, Egypt

1. Sahara Desert, Tunisia

6 Best Travel Destinations in North Africa
source: Tunisia visa

Although the Sahara Desert crosses every nation in North Africa, the region in Tunisia is among the most attractive, with a wealth of easily accessible attractions.

The distinctive troglodyte homes in and around the Matmata region, which doubles as the planet Tatooine, are a must-see for any Star Wars enthusiast.

One of the most spectacular landscapes in the Sahara are the stone forts and century-old fortified granaries that were carved out of the desert mountains. Ksar Ouled is one of these forts.

The Tunisian Sahara is a must-visit location in all of North Africa due to its salt lakes, stunning dunes, and camping options beneath the stars.

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2. Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt

6 Best Travel Destinations in North Africa
source: dreamstime

Some of the top scuba diving locations in the world—and not only in North Africa—can be found in this magical underwater location.

Professional and licensed divers are free to freely explore the well-known shipwrecks from World War II and dive with dolphins, sharks, and other marine life. Additionally, they can discover beautiful coral reefs in crystal-clear waters.

Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt’s first national park, is one of the most well-liked diving locations in the Red Sea and is situated off the point of the Sinai Peninsula. The area is well known for its abundant marine life and robust corals, and it is home to approximately 1,000 known kinds of fish.

Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef are two of the best diving locations in Ras Mohammed National Park which makes this location of the best travel destinations in North Africa.

3. Atlas Mountains, Morocco

6 Best Travel Destinations in North Africa
source: planetware

The Atlas Mountains in Morocco are a cult favorite for both novice and experienced trekkers since there are routes that are suitable for a wide variety of trekking skills and abilities. The Jebel Toubkal, at 13,667 feet, is the highest peak in North Africa and is situated in the Atlas Mountains.

Even though the journey is difficult and strenuous, it is all worthwhile once you reach the summit because of the breathtaking panorama that awaits you there. Although it is advised that you take at least three days to acclimatize and take in the scenery, some hikers opt to reach the peak and return to Imlil in a one day.

4. Abu Simbel, Egypt

6 Best Travel Destinations in North Africa
source: Encyclopedia Britannia

Abu Simbel is also one of the best travel destinations in North Africa that receives visitors monthly.

These two temples at Abu Simbel, which were constructed for Pharaoh Ramesses II, have played a significant role in Egyptian and global history. Visitors have been drawn to these temples since the Victorian era.

The temples had to be manually transported 185 feet up a cliff and disassembled when they were renovated in the 1960s.

They were then placed in the same exact relationship to the sun and to each other, which was crucial to maintain because the temple majestically lights up when exposed to natural sunshine.

The Abu Simbel Festival, which takes place in February and October, is the ideal time to visit Abu Simbel.

5. Tunis, Tunisia

6 Best Travel Destinations in North Africa
source: pinterest

You absolutely must visit Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, because of its historic medinas, which are on par with the more well-known Moroccan medinas at Fes and Marrakech.

The Bardo National Museum, one of North Africa’s top museums, is located in Tunis. The Bardo National Museum is housed in a magnificent palace and is brimming with treasures and relics retrieved from a number of ancient locations spread around Tunisia.

Try visiting the beach village of Sidi Bou Said for the greatest experience; there, you can choose from a variety of interesting lodging options. Take the light rail system, which can get you to Sidi Bou Said in 20 minutes, to get there.

6. Siwa Oasis, Egypt

Best Travel Destinations in North Africa
source: Global times

Siwa Oasis is Egypt’s most distant oasis town, and it is situated near to Egypt’s Western Desert and the Libyan border. Considering how remote and isolated it is, its inhabitants have created their own culture. Despite its isolation, the hamlet is worth visiting due to its numerous olive and palm orchards.

A passable road and a small airport are other ways to reach the oasis town. Siwa Oasis is the place to go if you want a unique destination to visit without the crowds, although it is still under the radar.

This location, well-known for its hot springs and natural beauty, is equally noteworthy historically as it is geographically since Alexander the Great visited the village to see the Oracle of Amun.


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