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7 Health Benefits of Velvet Tamarind


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Velvet Tamarind is a seasonal fruit with a sweet and tart flavor, has an orange pulp, and as the name implies, it also has a velvet shell.

Even though it appears too little in size, the African Velvet Tamarind is a fruit that is stuffed with thousands of health benefits.

It’s interesting to note that even our great-grandparents in Africa frequently consumed this fruit. Maybe that’s why they had such a wonderful life without some of the ailments we see now.

Velvet Tamarind
source: health guide NG

Research shows that fertility and libido enhancement is some of the advantages of African Velvet Tamarind.

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However, here are 7 other health benefits of Velvet Tamarind

1. heals wounds and treats scurvy

Ascorbic acid, a vitamin that prevents scurvy, is found in high concentrations in Velvet tamarind. When applied to wounds, velvet tamarind encourages the formation of healthy skin and shields them from moisture and bacteria.

2. prevents diarrhea and reduces menstrual cramps

Another benefit of Velvet Tamarind is that it can be used to treat diarrhea and menstrual cramps. To use it efficiently, combine it with a papaya leaf, salt, and water.

3. treats ulcers and lowers blood pressure

Velvet Tamarin is loaded with increased gastric mucus secretion which helps to ease stomach ulcers. The leaves of this fruit are also quite diuretic; they encourage the production of urine, which makes it simpler for the heart to pump blood and lowers the risk of hypertension.

4. It can be used to treat Malaria

Research indicates that the leaf extract slows the growth of the malaria-causing plasmodium falciparum.

Malaria can be cured by drinking a strong beverage made by boiling this leaf.

5. It Enhances Oral Health and Treats Tooth Ache

The stem of the velvet tamarind can be used as a chewing stick. This stick contains saponin, which gives teeth more cleaning power and simultaneously eliminates plaque and cavities from users’ teeth.

6. Might treat piles

Piles are enlarged veins in the anal canal that normally make it difficult for people to discharge feces.

Pressure buildup in the pelvic and rectal regions is one of the causes of piles and these veins can be extremely painful despite not being life-threatening.

According to a study, the Velvet Tamarind’s ethanolic leaf extract is helpful for treating piles.

7. Tamarind boosts the body’s capacity for antioxidants.

One of the mechanisms thought to be responsible for aging and many diseases is oxidative damage, which involves free radical, a highly reactive molecules with unpaired electrons.

When Tamarind is consumed, the high concentration of antioxidants in it aids in defending the body from harm done by these free radicals.


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