Amber Rose Reveals She Discusses ‘Onlyfans and Stripping’ With 9-year-old Son She Shares With Wiz Khalifa


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Amber Rose has revealed that she believes in a level of transparency about her life as she claims she speaks to her 9-year-old son, Sebastian, whom she shares with Wiz Khalifa, about Onlyfans and stripping. 

During a recent interview with Emily Ratajkowski on the High Low podcast, she revealed that she’d rather talk to her son about things like her OnlyFans page and striptease than have him find out about it on the internet.

 “Your son will start googling you by the age of five and see everything,” she said. It’s an inevitable consequence of someone his stature, especially among boys.

Amber Rose

She later reveals that one of Sebastian’s classmates told him about her OnlyFans account. “I had a whole conversation with him about it,” she recalls. “I said whoever told him that his parents are ignorant because obviously, he got it from his parents.” 

Additionally, she said her transparency with Sebastian gives him an understanding of how to make sure he lives comfortably. She recalls telling him, “When it comes to women, you should let them do what they have to do to support their families.”

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She noted that her work at OnlyFans allowed him to pursue private school, go on nice vacations and visit places like Six Flags.

These conversations clearly had a positive effect on Sebastian. She revealed her son called out one of his friends who attacked the creators of OnlyFans on a trip. “‘Bro, you can’t say that,’” Seb told his friend, Rose recalled. “‘You have to let a woman do what she wants with her body. That’s not cool. You can’t do that.’” 

Despite the backlash she often faces in public for her opinions, she explains that she burst into tears over his reaction. “A tear rolled down my face. I thought, ‘This is my baby king.’ I’ve had that in him since he was born,” she recalls of her reaction.

Elsewhere in the interview she also mentions that she tutored Sebastian during the first 2 years of his life. “Whenever I go to the bathroom [since] my son was 2 or 3 years old, he would say, ‘Mom, do you need a tampon?'” Do you need a tampon, mom? I’ll open the drawer and get it for you,” she said. “I told him everything.”


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