Anietocin: Nigerian Scientist, Ugochukwu Anieto discovers a new antibiotic to treat drug resistant infections, names it after his family


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A ground-breaking discovery which would change the field of medicine and anti-microbial resistance has been discovered by Nigerian scientist; Dr. Ugochukwu Anieto. The wonder drug known as Anietocin; which he named after Anieto-his family name, is currently making waves across the internet.

Nigerian Scientist, Dr. Anieto Ugo Discovers A Novel Drug For Resistant Infection In Texas, USA - I Love Africa

The Nigerian born Associate professor in Microbiology at the University of Texas has discovered an antibiotics for the treatment of drug resistant infection.

Ozii Anieto, his cousin, shared leaflets of the publication from the University of Texas in a tweet to honor him.

“My cousin Dr. Ugo Anieto discovered an antibiotic for drug resistant infections. He named it ANIETOCIN – after my family name.

Dr. Ugo is a scientist in Texas, USA”, he wrote.

Although the drug Anietocin by Dr. Ugo Anieto is still undergoing laboratory trials, it is showing consistent results with several bacteria species.

Anietocin: Nigerian Scientist, Ugochukwu Anieto discovers a new antibiotic to treat drug resistant infections, names it after his family

The advantages of the drug are:

  • So far no antibiotic resistance is recorded on trials and testing with different bacterial specie.
  • The drug is broad spectrum, and is effective against both gram positive and gram negative organisms.

The drug Anietocin by Dr. Anieto is for the treatment of recurring and resistant microbial infections, also for sterile and surgical environments, and lastly serve as point of care antibiotic prescription.

This discovery is coming at a time when Antibiotic resistance has proved a serious obstacle and challenge in health care, while there is lots of education around Antimicrobial resistance, this drug Anietocin is proving effective to treat people already battling with resistant infections. We hope that soon enough, the drug would be available for clinical use in humans.

Proud Nigerians have taken to congratulating him on his achievements. This is indeed a win for not just his family but Africans at large, as well as the health care sector worldwide.

Here is to more Africans doing exploits, changing the world one discovery at a time.


  1. I have a highly antibiotic resistant pathogen, Mccobaterium Simiae (NTM complex) associated with Bronchiectasis. The Pulmonary doctors are reluctant to treat me with the contemporary antibiotic regime due to their harsh side effects. Please let know the status of clinical trials in the use of Anietocin and whether this antibiotic might potenttially help with my particular disease entity.


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