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Atlanta Photographers, Turns Black Girls to Disney Princesses


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An Atlanta-based photographers’ princess series is making waves again months after its debut. Husband and wife duo Regis and Kahran Bethencourt are world-renowned child photographers who joined forces with hairstylist LaChanda Gatson to create the images of young Black girls as Disney princesses.Disney Princesses

They made a Facebook post with the photos and it went viral.

Disney black princesses

Kahran, who runs CreativeSoul photography with her husband, told HuffPost Canada the effort is “aimed at redefining and reimagining the traditional Disney Princesses  with their own dash of style, culture and swag.”



“The goal is to inspire more girls around the world to start seeing themselves as regal princesses,” she added.

The series debuted in February with Black girls as Cinderella, Snow White and an imaginative take on Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” among the images. In many of the photos, natural hair is firmly on display, adorned with hair jewelry, crowns and various accessories.Disney Princesses Atlanta Photographers, Turns Black Girls to Disney Princesses

“Aaaaaand THIS is how our princesses show up. Excited to share this black princess series which was a personal project orchestrated by Hair by LaChanda. The mission was to redefine and reimagine the traditional princess with our own dash of style, culture and swag,” CreativeSoul wrote on Facebook at the time.Disney Princesses Atlanta Photographers, Turns Black Girls to Disney Princesses

Kahran told HelloBeautiful the photos were meant to fill the space where representation for Black girls is lacking.

“The idea was developed early on in childhood from the consistent lack of representation of black children in mostly all forms of media where children play a significant part. Even though I loved watching and reading fairytales and fantasy, I would often reimagine these characters more relatable to me and my culture,” she said.Disney Princesses Atlanta Photographers, Turns Black Girls to Disney PrincessesAtlanta Photographers, Turns Black Girls to Disney Princesses


Model: @jordyncuret_
Creative Direction/Hair: Hair by LaChanda
Photography: CreativeSoul Photography
Stylist: @styledbyyvonne
Crown: @coppersignatures
MUA: @glam_by_gorgeous
Prop: Hair Accessories: @nubiandecor
Prop: @reinaafricanaa
Designer: @nea3s3tj
Retouch: @retouching.service


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