Best African Islands For A Tropical Vacations


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Do you want to experience a tropical vacation in an exotic destination? You don’t have to break the bank to have a great holiday with your loved ones. Africa has many affordable islands for your reunions, weddings, getaways, or relaxation.

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Whether you want to spend time away from office work or just need a distraction from the usual hustle and bustle, we have listed some islands that would give you a memorable experience.  In no particular order, here is our list:

Cape Verde Island:

Have you visited Cape Verde? The country offers you luxury blended with nature. This Island is the number one Island on African West Coast. It is the best getaway among the Island countries of Africa. The Island is known as a trendy island. The part of the Island that hosts the most number of visitors is Sal. Sal is also among the 10 most beautiful islands in the African archipelago.

The West African islands map cannot be said to be complete without Sal. Every tourist who wants to feel the real mix of African culture must visit Sal.

The meaning of ‘Sal’ in the Portuguese language is ‘salt’. The Island derived this name from its white sandy beaches. This Island became more popular than others because it is easy to access and is also convenient.

The beautiful island of Sal has Santa Maria as its major town, which is adorned with beautiful houses. The town also features bars, restaurants, live events, and music. Worthy of mention also is the energetic nightlife in Sal. For love birds on honeymoon, Cape Verde is the right destination for you.

São Tomé and Príncipe:

The biggest and most popular Island in São Tomé and Príncipe is São Tomé Island. Portuguese is the dominant language on the Island. You will find this Island on the west coast of Central Africa.

Most tourists are attracted to it because of the adventurous sports opportunities it offers. You can go swimming or snorkeling in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Worthy of mention is the quite sleepy village of fishermen, and perfect bird-watching spots. There are also world-class coffee and chocolates for your enjoyment on the Island.

São Tomé Island is a perfect destination if you need a new environment to visit with your family and loved ones.


Not many people have Comoros on their bucket list. Comoros is located off the eastern coast of Africa. It is a perfect destination for tourists who love peace and tranquility. Comoros is among the most popular and most important Islands in East Africa.

This Island features beautiful beaches, perfect reefs for snorkeling enthusiasts, rich rainforests, and a perfect mix of Swahili and Arabian culture.

Comoros consists of three major islands and the smallest of the three is Mohéli, also known as Mwali.

This wild Island is sparsely populated. It is a nice destination for people on ecotourism, hence it is called the nature island. You cannot resist the charm of the people, it’s always fresh, clean and has a natural environment.


Madagascar is an archipelago and the top tourist destination, it is home to is Nosy Be. You will find Madagascar off the coast of Mozambique. Nosy Be is the biggies of all the archipelago.

Although it is a small island, it has played host to many tourists from across the globe. With the map of the African Islands, you will find it easy to navigate through Madagascar.

The Island of Madagascar is rated the fourth-largest in the world. It is rich in peculiar collections of vegetation and wildlife. There is an unconfirmed report that 90% of the wildlife found in Madagascar is not in existence in any other place in the world.

You need to visit Nosy Be, the popular Madagascar Island located close to the Indian Ocean at least once in a lifetime. The Island features exotic restaurants, hotels, and shops.

The many activities this Island hosts have not robbed it of its tranquility, clear turquoise waters, and harmony. Be ready to enjoy salivating delicious seafood at its restaurants.

Imagine relaxing on a white sandy beach with your feet dipping inside the sand.


These four islands are breathtaking and have unique landscapes. In addition, they are affordable and don’t bug you with crowd


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