Beyoncé Saves North London Nigerian Restaurant From Closure With £8,000 Grant


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Chuku’s, a beloved Nigerian restaurant located in North London, has been granted a much-needed lifeline by global superstar Beyoncé.

The popular eatery, which has faced numerous challenges since its establishment in 2020, was chosen as one of ten recipients to receive a grant from the renowned singer.

Despite the obstacles encountered, Chuku’s has managed to amass a dedicated following. At the end of last year, the restaurant’s owners initiated a challenge to secure 600 bookings within six weeks.

To their delight, they surpassed their goal, receiving an overwhelming 801 reservations. A-list celebrities, footballers, and everyday patrons have all flocked to Chuku’s, enticed by its unique Nigerian tapas and innovative take on traditional dishes.

The good news continued into this year when Beyoncé’s foundation awarded Chuku’s a generous sum of £8,000 ($10,000). The global icon, who recently sold out five consecutive shows at Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium, has extended her philanthropic efforts to support local businesses in London.

Beyoncé’s BeyGood Foundation established the Black Parade Small Business Impact Luncheon, which aimed to celebrate individuals, communities, and small businesses affected by economic disparities worldwide. The charitable foundation committed a total of $1 million (£806,401.00) to support these struggling businesses.

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Expressing his gratitude, Emeka Frederick, co-founder of Chuku’s, stated, “This grant couldn’t have come at a better time. Chuku’s, like many other restaurants without financial reserves, has been severely affected by lockdowns and the escalating cost of living crisis.

Every day, we fight to remain open and reach our fourth anniversary. This funding will alleviate some of our struggles and enable us to continue showcasing Nigerian culture on Tottenham’s High Road for the time being.”

The Luncheon, held at the prestigious Four Seasons in Tower Hill, welcomed over 100 entrepreneurs, offering them an opportunity to win prizes totaling $100,000 (£806,090). Among the 400 applications received, Emeka and his sister Ifey were among the distinguished 2% of winners.

Chuku’s resilience is evident, having faced adversity from launching during the pandemic and grappling with rising energy bills. The overwhelming support from customers during their six-week challenge demonstrated the restaurant’s esteemed reputation and the community’s unwavering loyalty.

Emeka shared, “From day one of the campaign, support poured in abundantly. We are immensely grateful that we can continue celebrating the finest Nigerian cuisine and culture, at least for now. Remember, we are here 52 weeks a year—let’s keep this momentum going.”

Beyoncé’s grant not only provides financial relief but also amplifies Chuku’s presence. Situated near the stadium, the restaurant has become a favored dining spot for concertgoers, solidifying its status as one of London’s finest independent businesses.

Overwhelmed by Beyoncé’s support, Ifeyinwa Frederick exclaimed, “I still can’t quite believe that Beyoncé has backed our restaurant—it feels surreal. We had already witnessed her impact when she was in town, as concert attendees chose Chuku’s for their pre-gig meals, but this takes it to a whole new level.”

Chuku’s can now continue its journey, buoyed by the support of a global superstar, while delighting patrons with its delectable Nigerian cuisine and vibrant cultural experience.


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