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Breaking: Ugandan Man kills a Lion with his Bare Hands

More details have emerged on the Ugandan man that killed a hungry lion that invaded his home with only his bare hands.

This rare feat that has only a biblical prior record, took place in a rural area in Uganda. The Ugandan man whose name is yet to be known sustained several injuries as proof of his bravery.

The news of this incredible event was shared by a Twitter user, @Rickykagino96; who shared photos of both the dead Lion and the badly wounded man.

The brave man was taken to the hospital by neighbors that came around after he had killed the fierce lion.

He wrote; ”A man from CMS l Ganga district eastern Uganda is nursing wounds after fighting a 🦁 lion he met near his home and killed it.”

Other Twitter users also made posts about the Ugandan man who killed a lion; with some saying, the incident happened in the Mpefu district of Uganda.

According to the Twitter user @zoomafrica; A man from Mpefu Kagadi district in Uganda is nursing wounds after fighting a 🦁 lion he met near his home and killed it. Very brave!

“In fact, we are just waiting for him to come back from the hospital today and we are planning to crown him the; “New King of the Jungle”, that creature has been a real problem in this village”; the Local Council Chief is reported to have said.


Following the incident, the Central government Wild Life Officials have, however, said that the New Ruler; must still explain to the authorities why he never; chose to run away first as the law advises and clearly stipulates under such circumstances.”

Perhaps, a new King of the Jungle has emerged and he happens to be a Brave Black Ugandan Man.

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