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Ghana to Leverage Its Discovery of Lithium In Manufacturing Locally Made Solar Batteries


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The Ghanaian government intends to use the current discovery of lithium in parts of the country to manufacture solar batteries.

The objective is to facilitate the country’s transition to renewable energy.

A deputy energy secretary, Andrew Agyaper Mercer, indicated that this is part of the government’s development agenda for the energy transition.

Mr. Agyapa Mercer spoke at the Business and Financial Times 2022 African Energy Conference.


The 2022 Africa Energy Conference, themed “The Future of Africa’s Energy – Achieving Competitiveness and Sustainability to Support the Continent’s Development Ambitions”, is an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss opportunities on the way to energy transition.

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The discovery of lithium in Ghana should give the country another opportunity to manufacture renewable devices for the African market.

According to the deputy energy minister, the government plans to use the funds to support the local manufacture of solar batteries.

“The opportunity of an industrial and commercial venture in the renewable energy market has the potential to generate revenue, create jobs and improve energy security.

Ghana to Leverage Its Discovery of Lithium In Manufacturing Locally Made Solar Batteries

The recent discovery of high-quality lithium in Ghana is an achievement that the government intends to use to explore the real possibility of manufacturing solar batteries locally,” he suggested.

Desire Loumou, the senior trade expert at the African Continental Free Trade Secretariat, told the meeting that the energy market in Africa is ripe for investment opportunities.


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