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Ghanaian parent in America calls out school over policy that allows children to become LGBTQ+


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A Ghanaian parent living in America has spoken out against a school’s policy that allows children to identify and transition into a transgender without the consent of parents.

In a viral video, the parent, Neil Acheampong, could be seen saying that the policy goes against everything he believes in especially as it takes away a parent’s right to interfere in such an important transition in their kid’s life.

Ghanaian parent in America calls out school over policy that allows children to become LGBTQ+

Addressing a local town meeting in his municipality, the parent and pastor of a church called the Family Life Chapel said; “There is an issue that actually bothers me about it, and I want to just make that clear if there will be a review of the policy in regards to the fact that asking if my child could be able to be transgender, and then a school teacher or somebody else in the system could help the child to make that decision without going through the parent is actually disturbing,” he said.

He further explained that the policy which he believes to be harmful, should be reviewed and be done immediately since it takes away the parent’s role as the first line of safety and defense for their child in such an important decision-making process.

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“I think that policy needs to be looked at again because if my five-year-old is crossing a street, a parental instinct will be that I will never allow the child to cross the street by herself. Because the first line of safety for a child is a parent, and I believe we need to go back to those basic things,” he stated.

The Ghanaian’s comments have sparked a debate within the school community about “policy 443”, with some parents supporting the school’s policy and others expressing concern about its impact on children’s mental health and well-being.

Ghanaian parent in America calls out school over policy that allows children to become LGBTQ+

The debate around LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion in schools has been ongoing for many years and has become increasingly contentious in recent years.

While some parents and religious groups argue that such policies go against their beliefs and values, others argue that they are necessary to ensure that all students feel safe and supported at school.

As the debate continues, it remains to be seen how schools and communities will navigate these complex and sensitive issues.


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