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Kabaka Daudi Chwa II of Buganda Kingdom: The youngest African King ever

Born in 1896, Daudi Chwa became King at the age of 1. This happened in 1897. It is on record that Daudi Chwa is the youngest king ever in Africa to ascend to the throne.

Kabaka Daudi Chwa II of Buganda Kingdom: The youngest African King ever
Kabaka Daudi Chwa II
Source: buganda.or.ug

Kabaka Daudi Chwa II KCMG KBE was Kabaka (King) of the Kingdom of Buganda. He ruled from 1897 until 1939. Daudi Chwa II was the 34th Kabaka of Buganda. He was born on 8th August 1896, at Mengo hospital in Uganda.

Kabaka Daudi Chwa II of Buganda Kingdom: The youngest African King ever
Kabaka Daudi Chwa II of Buganda
Source: bugandaroyalfamily.wordpress

Who was the father to Kabaka Daudi Chwa II

Daudi Chwa was the fifth son of Kabaka Danieri Basammulekkere Mwanga II.

This was the Kabaka of Buganda who ruled in two different terms. That is; between 1884 and 1888, and between 1889 and 1897.

So, Mwanga II ruled in two different terms. This was because, there were religious wars that occurred in Buganda during his reign. The wars divided the Ganda people along religious lines. Therefore, the King (Mwanga II) had to spend most of his time in conflicts.

This explains why he was at one time over powered by the Ganda. These were the Christian and Muslim converts. The converts over powered the king in 1888.

He eventually stepped aside forcibly. Therefore, Mwanga II left his brothers; Kiweewa and Kalema to rule. In 1889, he was able to regain his capital. This he did with the aid of some Christian groups.

What were the major occurrences during Kabaka Mwanga II’s reign?

Mwanga II was the last Kabaka to lead an absolute monarchy in the kingdom of Buganda. He led a short but turbulent reign. It included a massacre of Ganda Christians and these are the Uganda Martyrs.

There was also an irregular civil war in Buganda during Mwanga II’s regime. His reign was also characterized by an unsuccessful uprising against the British.

This was a result of Mwanga having limited support from his own people. Most of the Ganda had converted to Christianity. They had become loyal to the European missionaries and colonialists.

Kabaka Daudi Chwa II’s mother

Daudi Chwa II’s mother was Evaliini Kulabako. She belonged to the Ngabi clan. This was the fourth of his father’s sixteen wives. The King, Daudi Chwa II ascended to the throne in August 1897. His enthronement followed the deposition of his father by the British forces.

Kabaka Daudi Chwa II of Buganda Kingdom: The youngest African King ever
Daudi Chwa II enthroned.
Source: Monitor.co.ug

At the time of his coronation, Kabaka Daudi Chwa II was only one year old. He maintained his capital at Mengo hill. This was formerly the capital of his father. Daudi Chwa was educated at Kings College Buddo.

How many honorary titles did Kabaka Daudi Chwa II have?

On 8th August 1914, Kabaka Daudi Chwa II received an honorary commission as a lieutenant in the British Army. He was also appointed an honorary Captain on 22nd/September/1917.

Kabaka Daudi Chwa II was appointed an honorary Companion of the Order of St. Micheal and St. George (CMG). This was in the 1918 New Year Honors. He was later promoted to honorary Knight Commander (KCMG) on 16th/February/1925.

He was further awarded another honorary title. This was the Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE). Kabaka Daudi Chwa II got this in the 1937 coronation Honors. The king was also decorated “a commander of the order of the Crown of the Belgium” in 1918.

Kabaka Daudi Chwa II of Buganda Kingdom: The youngest African King ever
Kabaka Daudi Chwa II KCMG KBE
Source: kaviriuganda50.wordpress.com

Daudi Chwa II is therefore the king of Buganda who was awarded the bigger number of honorary titles. Most of the titles were from the colonial masters.

How many children did Kabaka Daudi Chwa II have?

Kabaka Daudi Chwa II is recorded to have fathered 36 children. These were twenty sons and sixteen daughters. Some of the most notable of those children are;

  1. Kabaka Sir Edward Fredrick William David Walugembe Luwangula Mutebi Muteesa II. This was the 35th Kabaka of Buganda. His mother was Lady Irene Drusilla Namaganda. She was of the Nte (Cow) clan. Muteesa II was the first president of the republic of Uganda.
Kabaka Daudi Chwa II of Buganda Kingdom: The youngest African King ever
Sir Edward Walugembe Luwangula Mutebi Muteesa II
Source: historica.fandom.com
  1. Princess (Omumbejja) Alice Evelyn Zaalwango.

Her mother was Miriya Nalule. She was born on 6th December 1915. Princess Evelyn Zaalwango was installed as Nnaalinnya to her brother, Sir Edward Muteesa II. This was at Kasubi (palace) in November 1939.

She died of shock on hearing that the British had exiled the Kabaka. This was on 30th November 1953. Evelyn Zaalwango was awarded the medal of order of the Shield and Spears.

3.    Princess (Omumbejja) Irene Drusilla Ndagire.

Her mother was Rebecca Nalunkuuma. She was born at Lubaga on 31st October 1916. She went to Gayaza High school for her education. Princess Drusilla Ndagire also went to Buloba College. She served as the president of the Luganda Society from 1953 to 1963.

4.     Princess (Omumbejja) Victoria Beatrice Namikka Kaamuwanda Mpologoma.

She was born in Kampala, on 21st October 1920 and installed as Nnaalinnya to her brother Sir Edward Muteesa II.

This took place at Kasubi in December 1953. The princess received the order of the Shield and Spears.

5.      Princess (Omumbejja) Margaret Juliana Lwantale.

Her mother was Irene Namaganda. She was born in Kampala on 13th/June/1920. She was installed as Nassolo to her brother Sir Edward Muteesa II. This took place at Kasubi.

  1. Prince (Omulangira) Alexander David Ssimbwa.

Her mother was Erina Nambawa. He was born in Kampala on 21/March/1934. Prince Ssimbwa was arrested, imprisoned and tortured by troops loyal to Obote in 1966.

Obote feared revenge from Muteesa’s sons. This was because Obote had attacked the Lubiri (Kabaka’s palace). Such an act was interpreted as an intention of killing the Kabaka.

Prince Ssimbwa was sentenced to sixty four years imprisonment. This followed the allegiances that the prince had plotted Obote’s assassination. David Ssimbwa joined the liberation struggle of 1981 – 1986. It was led by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Other children include;

Born between 1916 and 1924

  1. Unia Mary Namaalwa born on the 28/August/1916.
  2. Kasalina Nnamukaabya Nnassimbwa born on 11/November/1918.
  3. George William Mawanda born on 10/January/1919.
  4. Kasalina Gertrude Tebattagwabwe Nnabanaakulya born on 30/June/1918.
  5. Fredrick Robert Ssekamaanya Kayondo born on 17/November/1920.
  6. Edisa Manjeri Namirembe Nabweteme born on 19/December/1920.
  7. Edward William David Walugembe Mukaabya Kimbugwe born on 22/March/1921.
  8. Alekizandereya Mary Balikanda Nakamaanya born on 11/07/1921.
  9. Albert Victor Wasajja Lumansi born on 17/07/1924 and,
  10. Victoria Alice Mary Nakalema Nalwoga born on 21/07/1924.

Born between 1925 and 1927

  1. Eva Ayiriini Naccwa born on 24/March/1925.
  2. Henry Wasswa Kalemeera born on 8/April/1925.
  3. Alfred Kato Kiggala born on 8/April/1925.
  4. Sseppiriya Danieri Luswata born on 20/May/1925.
  5. Richard Lumaama born on 26/September/1925.
  6. James Ssekannyo Mutebi born on 4/November/1925.
  7. Erizaabeeti Nakabiri Lwamuganwa born on 11/June/1926.
  8. Daniel Mwanga Basammulekkere born on 25/February/1927.
  9. Bowadisiya Nkinzi born on 10/March/1927.
  10. Harold Kagolo Kimera born on 7/July/1927 and,
  11. Yibulayimu Lincoln Ndawula whose date of birth was not captured.

Born between 1928 and 1935

  1. Jeludini Nakayenga born on January/1928.
  2. Agusiteeni Tebandeke born on 23/April/1928.
  3. Juliyani Muggale born on 8/June/1928.
  4. Yusufu Ssuuna Lulambulankoola born on 28/12/1928.
  5. John Christian Lukanga born on 1/08/1929.
  6. Onesifulo Jjuuko born on 9/May/1930.
  7. Egbat Kamaanya born on 25/May/1930.
  8. Mulondo born on 14/02/1934 and,
  9. Esteri Mazzi born on 22/February/1935.

Daudi Chwa II’s final days

It is remembered that Kabaka Daudi Chwa II died in his palace at Salaama. This is a suburb of Kampala City. This happened on 22nd/November/1939. By this time, he was 43 years old.

Kabaka Daudi Chwa II of Buganda Kingdom: The youngest African King ever
Kasubi Royal Tombs in Kampala
Source: en.m.wikipedia.com

He was buried at Kasubi-Nabulagala in the Royal tombs. And he was the third Kabaka to be buried at Kasubi. Kabaka Daudi Chwa II was succeeded by his son, Edward Muteesa.


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