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Kanye West Fans Launch GoFundMe to ‘Make Him a Billionaire Again’


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Kanye West fans launched a GoFundMe campaign to make the ex-billionaire rapper a billionaire again.

Supporters have released multiple pages – one succinctly titled “Make Kanye West a Billionaire Again” aiming to raise $1 billion in donations – after West’s fortune was hit last week when he was ousted from Adidas.

AllHipHop reports that this fundraiser only raised $5 and has since been withdrawn, as have the copycats that sprang up in its place.

Since then, dozens of people have promoted their GoFundMe pages and encouraged others to get rich instead of Westerners.

Kanye West Fans Launch GoFundMe to ‘Make Him a Billionaire Again’

Previously, a fan opened a GoFundMe page to raise $53 million for the Grammy winner after claiming he owed that amount in 2016. Fan Jeremy Byatt won $57,398 but West refused the money. Instead, the money was donated to Notes for Notes, a music charity.

The latest round of fundraising began after Adidas ended its lucrative partnership with West.

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The 45-year-old’s clothing line, Yeezy, through his deal with Adidas, an athletic apparel company, accounted for $1.5 billion of his net worth, so excluding the partnership, the rapper is left with just $400 million, according to Forbes.

Adidas – along with Balenciaga, Vogue and Gap – has severed ties with the West after making several anti-Semitic comments in recent weeks.

In an Oct. 25 statement, the company said, “Adidas does not condone anti-Semitism or any other type of hate speech. Ye’s recent comments and actions have been unacceptable, hateful, and dangerous, and violate the company’s values of diversity, inclusion, mutual respect, and justice.”

Sources recently told Page Six that West could face a financial crisis within months – with four of his five revenue streams shut down or in critical jeopardy.


Adidas’ decision came after West stated on the Drink Champs podcast that he could say “any anti-Semitic thing” he wanted and that Adidas still wouldn’t “rule out.”

The rapper and Fashion genius took to social media last month and posted a slew of anti-Semitic comments.

West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian, who achieved billionaire status in April 2021, condemned his comments.


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