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Kenyan government to spend $731m on new trains, SGR revamp


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Kenyan government has recently announced its plans to invest a staggering $731 million in the Nairobi-Mombasa standard gauge railway (SGR) over the next three years.

This significant expenditure aims to revamp the existing railway line, construct new sidings, and expand the fleet of locomotives and cargo wagons.

According to a report from Kenya’s National Treasury, the country’s Transport ministry is set to receive an additional $714.7 million for the “Development of Standard Gauge Railway” between July 2023 and June 2026.

Kenyan government to spend $731m on new trains, SGR revamp

This decision marks a departure from the previous government’s trend of reducing allocations to the SGR, and it will boost the total spending on this project to over $5.7 billion by June 2026.

Starting from July, the Kenyan government has allocated $275.79 million from the Railway Development Levy Fund (RDLF) specifically for the Nairobi-Mombasa SGR.

The majority of this allocation, as per the breakdown provided by the transport department, will be utilized for procuring more locomotives and freight wagons at a cost of $87.1 million.

This ambitious investment in the SGR reflects the government’s commitment to enhancing Kenya’s transportation infrastructure and promoting economic growth.

The Nairobi-Mombasa SGR, which became operational in 2017, has already played a crucial role in facilitating efficient and reliable transportation of goods and passengers between the two major cities.

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The allocation of funds for additional locomotives and cargo wagons indicates the government’s focus on improving freight services along the SGR.

By increasing the capacity of the railway line and expanding the fleet, Kenya aims to address the growing demand for efficient cargo transportation, particularly for exports and imports. This investment will not only boost the country’s trade activities but also contribute to the development of a robust and sustainable logistics sector.

Furthermore, the revamping of the SGR and the construction of new sidings will enhance the overall efficiency and reliability of the railway network. These infrastructure upgrades will allow for smoother operations, reduced downtime, and improved connectivity to various regions along the SGR route.

Kenyan government to spend $731m on new trains, SGR revamp

As a result, businesses and individuals can expect faster and more streamlined transportation services, which will have a positive impact on trade, tourism, and overall economic development.

The Kenyan government’s decision to allocate significant funds to the SGR project also highlights the importance of railways as a sustainable mode of transportation.

By investing in rail infrastructure, Kenya aims to reduce reliance on road transportation, which can be prone to congestion and environmental challenges.

The SGR’s expansion aligns with the government’s vision of promoting a greener and more efficient transport system, contributing to the country’s overall sustainability goals.


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