Marcus Barney: How this Black Entrepreneur is leading Black people into financial freedom


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Marcus Barney, a financial strategist, is teaching; financial literacy, personal and business funding, investing ideas, mentoring, and more through his “Recession Proof” curriculum.
Recession Proof’s founder, Marcus Barney.

In 2021, this entrepreneur paid his all-black team $2.5 million in salary and $1 million in commissions.

Marcus Barney, Not your regular Entrepreneur

Across the board — Wealth strategist and “Recession Proof” founder Marcus Barney announced a $2.5 million year-end payroll; and a $1 million sales commission to his all-Black team of employees.

Changing the story for a lot of individuals and families across the country during a time when many people battled with debt. He has coached over 10,000 people on how to build wealth, get out of debt, and become successful entrepreneurs.

Recession Proof Program

Financial literacy, personal and business funding, investment strategies, coaching, and more are all part of his multimillion-dollar Recession Proof program, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to Money geek, Americans added $660 billion to their debt since the beginning of the pandemic, with 42 percent of credit card debtors increasing their accounts. Recession-Proof, on the other hand, give business owners an opportunity to change their stories.

He said in a statement that “The average American household is approximately $100,000 in debt; which has the potential to devastate lives, families, and communities; That’s why I founded Recession Proof; to help close the vast wealth gap, teach more successful entrepreneurs, and encourage people to improve their finances and lives,”

Marcus explained. “Entrepreneurship can be alienating and lonely at times. Our program is the polar opposite—create a family of small-business owners who help each other succeed”

The Entrepreneur started his first business at the age of 16; buying and selling old cars, and two years later he got his real estate license. In 2018, he started mentoring people with a recession-proof mindset, and in 2021, he founded the profitable Barney Aviation Group.

Marcus participates for a variety of nonprofit organizations; and donates to schools, holiday celebrations, and other charitable causes as part of his continual commitment to giving back and assisting others.

He explained in the interview that “I understand what it’s like to struggle, but I’ve also had the good fortune to witness the other side; That’s why I’m so proud to invite others to join our thriving community of people; who want to create generational wealth, find their feet on a strong financial foundation, and write their personal and business success stories.


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