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Moroccan playwright dies after setting himself on fire


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A Moroccan playwright died on Sunday, a week after setting himself on fire during a protest against the culture ministry, a Moroccan official told AFP.

The official, who asked for anonymity, said Ahmed Jawad “died in a hospital in Rabat, where he was being treated” after attempting to end his life.

Moroccan playwright dies after setting himself on fire

On March 27, on the occasion of World Theater Day, he set himself alight in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture in Rabat.

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Local media interpreted his behavior as a feeling of “exclusion and marginalization”.

In a statement, the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communications expressed its “deep regrets”, noting that he was a “Contracting State employee at the Mohammed V Theater in Rabat, retired since October 2021 and enjoying all guaranteed rights.” he under the law.

Moroccan playwright dies after setting himself on fire

“The interested party made an offer to the ministry to purchase its parts and it was approved,” the statement said, adding that the ministry “acquired two of its parts in 2022 and agreed to buy the third.” to buy in 2023.”


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