Nigeria to Manufacture AK-47s Locally, Senator Kalu Reveals Shocking Details


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In a startling revelation during a recent Senate plenary session, Distinguished Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, former Governor of Abia State and the current representative of Abia North Senatorial District, disclosed that manufacturers in Aba are producing AK-47 rifles. Senator Kalu used this revelation to highlight the urgent need for industrialization in Nnewi, Aba, and the South East region as a whole.

Senator Kalu emphasized that manufacturers in Nnewi and Aba are in dire need of steel to compete globally. He argued that access to steel would enable these manufacturers to diversify their production capabilities significantly, extending even to the development of solar power technology.AK-47

“We are relying on importation,” Senator Kalu lamented. “If you go to China, everybody is making China the warehouse of their village. Why don’t we make Aba and Nnewi our own warehouses? These boys can manufacture everything, but they require steel which they can’t get. If we have steel today, there is nothing made in

China that can’t be made in Aba. The rice mills, the solar panels—Aba people are manufacturing some solar panels, and they are said to be made in China, but they are made in Aba. Aba people manufacture AK-47s—that’s the truth. It’s no longer news that we should face the steel revolution.”

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Senator Kalu’s call to action underscores the significant potential for local manufacturing industries to thrive if provided with the necessary resources. He pointed out that, with adequate support and infrastructure, the ingenuity and industrious spirit of the people in Aba and Nnewi could transform the region into a major industrial hub, comparable to any global manufacturing center.

He concluded by urging the government to prioritize the development of the steel industry, which he sees as a critical foundation for the growth of various manufacturing sectors. By doing so, Nigeria could reduce its reliance on imports and harness local talent and resources to meet domestic and international demands.

This revelation has sparked discussions about the untapped potential within Nigeria’s manufacturing sector and the strategic steps needed to unlock it. As the nation grapples with economic challenges, Senator Kalu’s advocacy for industrialization presents a viable path towards sustainable development and economic independence.


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