Top 5 African Deserts You Must Visit


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The deserts in Africa are calling you. If you have not experienced an African desert safari, you should add it to your bucket list. From the thrills, sand dunes, camel rides, jeep rides, and the adrenaline rush, there is nothing like desert exploration.

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You don’t need to try far to see these sand worlds that would give you a new form of adventure in Africa. While African desert vacations have been associated with monotony, heat, and hostility, it has something different for you. Here are some of the deserts you must visit:

Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert does not need a lengthy description because it s the third-largest desert on earth. In Africa, it has become the most iconic that crosses about ten countries.  It offers exciting activities and incredible scenery.


Ait Benhaddou: Ait Benhaddou is a haven filled with 12th century historic clay buildings, palms, rivers, mountains, and perfect for nature lovers. The UNESCO World Heritage Site has become a favourite of movie locations.

Camel rides: A camel ride is not something you want to miss when you come to Sahara Desert.

Libyan Desert

The Libyan Desert has no rivers, which makes the location a dry and barren desert. Do you want an African safari experience? You can find ancient Roman and Greek ruins with sweeping views of oases, dunes, and mountain ranges. In addition, the desert has become home to volcanic fields.


Tripoli Old Town: The Tripoli’s walled Old Town gives you an opportunity to explore historic buildings, the Roman arch, and buildings. The narrow streets have eateries and stores that would offer you an extraordinary experience.

The Oases: You will find many stunning oases surrounded by sand dunes or lakes. Some of these landmarks include Wadi Elhayat, Ghat, Jufra,  Wadi Eshati, Ghadames and the Kufra Oasis.

The Desert Mountains and Hills: The famous Akakus Mountains have stunning formations against the orange sand dunes.  In addition, it has cravings and rock paintings.

Western White Desert

The Western White Desert is in Egypt with rock formations that have breathtaking shaped-like giant mushrooms and pebbles. The desert has lots of chalk-rock formations created by sandstorms and wind erosion.


Crystal Mountain: You will find this mountain in the northern part, and it sparkles. You can fill your Instagram feed with amazing pictures here. The mountain is made of calcite crystal and has a beautiful ridge that stands out.

Lake Marun: Lake Marun is among the most stunning salt lakes you would find in this desert. You will find migratory birds during some seasons here. We recommend that you take sunset photos around the lake.

Namib Desert

If you want a desert safari that would give you some of the finest moments and experience, Namib Desert should stand top of your list. The desert has one of the highest sand dunes you can ever see on earth. In addition, it has stunning and rugged landscapes.

The NamibRand Nature Reserve, a private nature reserve offers you a remote adventure.  You can try Solitaire, which sits at the edge of the Namib-Naukluft National Park, if you want another remote experience.


Dead Vlei: One of the most iconic scenes you can see in Africa is the Dead Vlei, which are tree skeletons in a sea of sand. The dead black trees look out of this world and have become a nature work.

Sossusvlei: You will find Sossusvlei as a spectacular destination to explore in the desert. Sossusvlei has white salt and clay pan and massive dunes.  Every year, thousands of tourist visit this place because of its photographic nature.

Etosha National Park: Do you want an African safari tour? Etosha National Park should be your destination. The park is kid-friendly. and has abundant wildlife and game sightings.

Kalahari Desert

The Kalahari receives a lot of rain, which has made it a home to some plants and animals. You can fund the leopard, cheetah, and the black-maned Kalahari lions.



Makgadikgadi Salt Pans: You will find a massive salt pan here. The surrounding changes according to the weather.

Tsodilo Hills: Here is a UNESCO World Heritage Site adorned with thousands of  rock paintings.  Aside from these rock art, you will find a religious ground here.

Baines’ Baobabs: The Baobabs in the Kalahari Desert are historical and  fascinating.  Some people referred to them as the  “upside-down trees” because the tops resemble tree roots.


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