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Nigerian Man Builds Beautiful and Affordable Tricycle From Scratch


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Incredible photos of a tricycle, popularly known as a keke napep, built by a Nigerian man have flooded social media. The man who made the machine is called Faisal and is said to live in Kano State.

The Keke he built looks so good that the photos provoked reactions, with many asking to support him.

According to @OvieNews, who shared the photos, Faisal is making the tricycles from scratch. He was seen working on one of the machines in his workshop. The keke has the name “Faisal Arts” with “made in Kano” boldly written on it.


The Nigerian innovative space has taken a big turn in recent years as a number of innovators have started to develop vehicles of all types within its borders.

Similar to the news of the young man from Kano who built the “Keke” from scratch, a Nigerian college dropout from the northern parts of the country also recently built an electric bus using locally sourced materials.

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According to a tweet by Mustapha Gajibo, the creator of electric cars, the cars have been deployed in Maiduguri and have carried 21,000 passengers so far. He also said that buses charge N50 instead of N100.

Electric cars are cheaper, the future is green. In the aforementioned tweet, Gajibo hinted that his electric buses have reduced transport costs in the city as they have reduced an average drop from the N100 charged by regular buses to the N50. He said this saved N1,100,000 villagers.

Nigerian Man Builds Beautiful and Affordable Tricycle From Scratch

For the Kano tricycle, since then, several netizens have responded to the situation, expressing happiness that the vehicle is cheaper and more accessible for residents.

Some reactions from Netizens;

@salistijjani007 said: “Issa good Wallahi, here’s mine from Kano Nigeria.”

@wondertee4real commented: “Ban import trikes already, let’s sponsor this one.” @kutty_ben said: “And let Mr. Mass produce Faisal, give him an initial loan from N1B.” If you want that, you have to choose Peter Obi.”

@odukoyaisaac commented: “In a healthy country the government will stop importing keke and immediately support this man as the sole supplier of napep. But no, the government benefits from every import!!!”

@GodwinTanko3 said: “This young man needs investment and better education, we can’t continue this habit of neglecting really talented people for flimsy reasons. This guy is a gift, we must maximize his gifts.”


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