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Pele’s widow to inherit 30 percent of the football legend’s assets


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Soccer legend Pele’s widow will inherit 30 percent of his estate, the widow’s lawyer told AFP on Tuesday, according to his will, which also refers to a woman who may be Pele’s unrecognized daughter.

The will provides that Pelé’s third and final wife, Marcia Cibele Aoki, will inherit his mansion in Guaurujá, a coastal town south of São Paulo, where the couple lives, according to their attorney, Luiz Kignel.

Pele’s widow to inherit 30 percent of the football legend’s assets

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Pele, who died of cancer in late December at the age of 82, has other assets which include other properties and an interest in the Pele brand, Kignel said, adding that a full inventory has not yet been made.

The remaining 70% is reserved for Pele’s children, including an unrecognized daughter he has.Pele’s widow to inherit 30 percent of the football legend’s assets

According to Kignel, the woman in question is a Brazilian citizen and legal action has been taken to have her recognized as Pelé’s daughter.

In September 2022, Pelé was sentenced to undergo a nucleic acid test by the São Paulo judiciary, according to the G1 website. One of her seven recognized children now needs to be tested.


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