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Sudan Prime Minister Resigns 6 weeks after being reinstated


Sudan Prime Minister Resigns 6 weeks after being reinstated
Abdalla Hamdok

Prime Minister of Sudan has resigned six weeks after being Reinstated in office. In a nationwide broadcast he stated that he is resigning to allow another son of the soil to take over.

According to him ” I have decided to return your trust to you and announce my resignation from the position of Prime Minister to make way for another one of the sons of this generous country to complete the leadership of the dear homeland and pass through it during the remaining life of the transition towards reviving a civil, democratic state,”

Abdullah Hamdok was arrested by Sudan’s top general Abdel Fattah Al Burhan. He (Abdel Fattah) dissolved the sovereign council and followed up with the arrest of top politicians of the country. He was later reinstated by the general himself following mass protest by the Sudaneseul.

Sudan Protes
Sudan Protest

The Sudanese people who have been hitting the streets protesting since November last year finally got what they wanted when the prime minister decided to submit to their will and resigned from his position.

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