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Top 10 getaway spots for newly weds in Africa


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Top 10 getaway spots for honeymooners in Africa
Where honeymooners go

What are the top 10 getaway spots for honeymooners in Africa? Newlyweds, friends, and families of newlyweds are always cracking their heads for places to go to have fun and spend time alone on the moon.

Many people prefer countries with beaches and islands where they can spend quality time together or enjoy taking amazing pictures together. 

Serengeti, Tanzania

Top 10 getaway spots for honeymooners in Africa
Serengeti National Park

One of the top ten getaway spots for honeymooners is the Serengeti. It comes with the amazing benefit of its neighbour, the Ngorongoro Crater. It provides the best view of wildlife that you will see anywhere in the world. 

Spending your honeymoon in the Serengeti will expose you to the untouched areas of East Africa wildlife. You will see lions lay in the sun, you will see wildebeest migrate in their million during spring. You will see swarms of birdlife and the beauty of the wildlife when captured on camera. 

Serengeti is Swahili for endless plain. They have romantic accommodation and great experiences waiting for you. From candlelit dinners for two to drinks at sunset on your deck. There will be hot balloons in the morning and safari tours for the adventurous.

Serengeti is a place to relax, discover and explore Africa. 

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar, Tanzania

The beauty of Zanzibar comprises the treasures of the ocean, the magnificence of the sandy beaches and the mix of the Tanzania culture. Zanzibar is very different from Sub-Saharan Africa’s clichéd scenes of giraffes and acacia trees. 

A breathtaking island highlights skipping dolphin pods, sunny coral gardens and Stone Town. It blends the African, Arabian, Indian and European influences. 

Zanzibar Island is Africa’s leading getaways for couples who want to be able to sink their feet in white-hot sands and dip in turquoise waters. It is also one of our top 10 getaways spots for honeymooners. There are cobbled alleys of Stone Town, hidden storefronts and sparkling teahouses. There is also delightful cuisine wrapped in a myriad of heritage and spices. 

You can relax in the sun, watch a brilliant sunset from the deck of a boat or visit the ghost islands. You should only visit the ghost islands at low tide. Zanzibar has culture, beauty and luxury, everything you would need for a sensational honeymoon. 


Top 10 getaway spots for newly weds in Africa
Seychelles – Praslin

This is the number 1 getaway spot in Africa.  This country has approximately 115 islands and is located in the Indian Ocean off Africa’s east coast. 

It has immaculate beauty and quiet places on its many islands. This can be the perfect romantic getaway. 

With tropical reefs, private pools, deserted coves and isolated beaches, they have everything a newlywed couple would need. You can dive into clear turquoise waters and admire the tropical fish in the Indian Ocean or you can snorkel in iridescent coral gardens in the various marine parks available in Zanzibar. 

The Seychellois cuisine and culture is something to be admired. The passion, indulgence and extravagance added to the atmosphere set on the island topped with palm trees and glowing sunsets inspires midnight candlelit dinners and promises treatment fitting for royalty. 

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Top 10 getaway spots for honeymooners in Africa
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

This beautiful place is Egypt’s resort town and one of our top ten getaway spots. It is located on the Red Sea and has a background of the Sinai Mountains.

The Jewel along the golden coastline shows Egypt’s coral reefs and palm-lined coast. The entire scenery is the setup for the most unforgettable honeymoon in Africa. 

Those who love the beach scene can relax on the sands, dip their feet in Ras Muhammad National Park, and embark on some of the most amazing snorkelling and scuba diving sessions the world can offer. 

The entire experience is a combination of Bedouin culture with dinner under the moon and enchanting treasures of contemporary Egypt’s focus on deluxe comfort. Some of the best activities you can participate in are hiking to the top of Mount Sinai, snorkelling at Tiran island, spending time at the resort or shopping. Sharm El Sheikh is a different part of Egypt and it is an opportunity for couples who are interesting in enjoying Egypt’s rich history and the amazing seaside destinations.

Sabi Sands, South Africa

Top 10 getaway spots for newly weds in Africa
Sabi Sands, South Africa

There is a private reserve close to the celebrated Kruger National Park called Sabi Sands. This reserve displays the skill of South Africa in combining the grandeur of the natural blended with the raw beauty of the “bush”. 

No fences or borders separate the reserves from the grounds of Kruger National Park. Thus, the animals are free to travel across vast stretches of grazing land. This makes it easy for one to discover the entrancing wildlife known as home to many South Africans. 

Sabi Sands is the ultimate getaway spot for couples who love nature and habitat and quiet. Premium accommodation that is elegant and feels like family is available. Private dinners at your luxury tent and a private pool or a couple’s massage under the moon will give you a memorable experience.

Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

Top 10 getaway spots for newly weds in Africa
Bazaruto Archipelago

On one of our top ten getaway spots in Mozambique, Bazaruto Archipelago has six islands and you can visit with a boat or a plane from Vilanculos. It is an amazing place filled with true romance and memorable experiences.  

The ocean is a swirl of turquoise and the white sandy beaches are brilliant under the sun. Luxury resorts are a place of relaxation, cosseting and quietness. 

Romantic dinners, long walks on the beach and picnics on secluded stretches of land are recommended as perfect activities for your time out. The archipelago is a National Park with a burst and abundance of ocean life. You will see butterflyfish, sea turtles, mantas and dugongs. This is the joy of diving and snorkelling in warm waters.

The Portuguese influence on the local cuisine adds a level of excellence expected from an idyllic island escape.

Western Cape, South Africa

Top 10 getaway spots for honeymooners in Africa
Western Cape, South Africa

The splendour of the Cape peninsula is the ultimate background for romance. Many couples take trips to carry out vow renewals, honeymoons, anniversary celebrations etc in Capetown South Africa. 

This is one of our top ten getaway spots because you get to sip cocktails from your private balcony in Camps Bay to intimate dinners in the middle of a cave setting wine cellar. Travel more and add the catalyst to your South African experience. 

This is the opportunity to spend time in nature and be in the proverbial Garden of Eden with amazing views of the ocean all around you. The luxury, intimacy and love from these amazing moments are priceless. 

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Zambia

Top 10 getaway spots for newly weds in Africa
Victoria Falls, Zambia & Zimbabwe

What a beauty! Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is also one of the top ten getaway spots for honeymooners. Spending your honeymoon hanging around Victoria Falls will certainly create wonderful memories that will last for many years. 

The splendour of Victoria Falls is the best. The sights, the sounds, and the romantic walks across nature and amazing places that cause you to stop and stare is worth it. Zambia and Zimbabwe have hotels, and lodges where you can stay at night and spend the day exploring the beautiful place. 

The spray from Victoria Falls is called the “smoke that thunders” and can be seen from five different lodges while you sit enjoying a beer. On the other hand, you can be floating down the river on a boutique boat that you call home for the duration of your honeymoon. 

The experience is indescribable. 

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