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Top 10 Tourist sites to visit in Malawi


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Top 10 Tourist sites to visit in Malawi

Everyone loves the beach. Knowing one of the top 10 hangouts in Malawi will assist you in spending a great time in Malawi when you visit.

After you are done with this article, Malawi could become one of your top destinations when you think about romantic holidays and honeymoons.

One of the most exciting things that you can do when you visit Malawi is to go on a safari. There is no complete safari trip without hanging out at the beach daily or weekly depending on how much you enjoy time spent on the beach.

What are the top ten beaches where you can hang out with loved ones and friends and enjoy the lakes in Malawi, have romantic getaways and honeymoon hangouts.

Top 10 Tourist sites to visit in Malawi
Liwonde & Mvuu Lodge

Liwonde & Mvuu Lodge

There are three lodges within the Liwonde National Park. This is a perfect place for a safari. This safari has lions, leopards and cheetahs so this is the best place to see the best of Malawi by land, foot or boat.

There are also private chalets at Mvuu lodge where you can view game and have access to a great pool that overlooks the floodplain on the river. You can eat breakfast as a surprise in the morning and if you are adventurous at heart, you can get stunning views.

Top 10 Tourist sites to visit in Malawi


This is a great spot when you want to have early morning breakfast while close to nature. A bush breakfast can be as exotic as you make it. All it takes is planning.

Livingstonia has a lot of adventure and spectacular views are the norm. Driving on a dirt road is part of the sacrifice you make. The silence and remote nature of the place is a part of the attraction.

Enjoy the swings that overlook the lake and trees next to your loved one. This is a couple-dream-come-true.

Top 10 Tourist sites to visit in Malawi

Sunrise at Pumulani & private beach

If you are looking for a private beach, the Pumulani is your spot. It is one of the best private beaches in Malawi and has a beautiful creek attached to it. You can lie on the beach bed or on the soft white sand.

Regular dips in the crystal-clear water of Lake Malawi. Spend your sunrises sitting on the beach and admiring the beautiful skies whose colours change from dark blue to violet or pink to make the dawn of a new day.

Top 10 Tourist sites to visit in Malawi
Chelinda Lodge

Fireplace & hot bath at Chelinda Lodge, Nyika Plateau

Nyika Plateau is a private and distinctive park in Africa. You will enjoy the luxury of Chelinda lodge after exploring the splendor and beauty of the park. If you want to experience Scotland in Africa, Nyika is your spot.

The Plateau is a thrilling place. The place is cold and a great time to enjoy glasses of whiskey by the fireside. Long walks and safari drives to see leopards and the amazing scenery is the best you will ever see. This place is ideal for romance and the burning fireplace in the chalet is a honeymooners dream come true.

Top 10 Tourist sites to visit in Malawi

Kaya Mawa on Likoma Island, luxury island lodge in Malawi

Flights into Likoma are easy to arrange. Discover your own piece of paradise with exclusive rooms. The plunge pools are attached to the island. One of the most beautiful lodges in Malawi is the Kaya Mawa. It is reputed to be one of the most romantic places in the world.

The luxury the Kaya Mawa provides is second to one and the stunning views and service is bound to leave you feeling special. The Kaya Mawa is one of the top 10 hangouts in Malawi and is pretty deserving.

Top 10 Tourist sites to visit in Malawi

Huntingdon House, Satemwa Tea Estate, Thyolo

This spot will give you endless views of tea plantations. You should visit Thyolo and stay in the delightful Huntingdon House. This is one of the oldest buildings in Malawi and gives the old charm while offering sanctuary to you and your loved one.

From spending the afternoon eating teas, cakes and tea-infused cocktails, you are bound to have a date with a difference. Romantic candlelight dinners are a part of the package and the privacy of the spot can temporarily transport you to another world.

Top 10 Tourist sites to visit in Malawi

Blue Zebra Island, secluded and quiet by the lake

This spot is close to the capital of Malawi and taking dips in the infinity pool, and enjoying a selection of cocktails from your resident mixologist is a plus.

The island has resident birds, bushbuck and bush babies. Getting an executive suite affords you the definitive romantic tent looking out over the lake. There is VIP treatment that includes a private sunset cruise and dinner on the beach where all great things happen.

Top 10 Tourist sites to visit in Malawi

Reach the top of Mount Mulanje

Enjoying time exploring nature and taking long walks are some of the activities you can take when you add climbing Mount Mulanje to your lists. Hiking this mountain is an adventure you will take. Enjoy amazing views and record your hiking experiences. Climbing the mountain is a solitary experience. Get the feeling of accomplishment from successfully climbing the mountain.

Top 10 Tourist sites to visit in Malawi

Awaking on Mumbo Island

Mumbo Island is a private island without WIFI, signals or electricity so it is a perfect spot to be totally immersed in you and your loved one. Chalets are available and are built on rocky outcrops on the island. The crystal clear water is legendary.

Explore the island and lake and take long walks into the sunsets with long drinks. Your only duty is to enjoy yourself. Rise early and sleep early with birds coming to say hi to you daily.

Top 10 Tourist sites to visit in Malawi

Tongole candlelit dinner on the deck followed by a bath

Tongole is one of the most beautiful places in Malawi. It is a home away from home. The amazing views of the river are seen deep in the forest. Tongole is one of the top 10 hangouts in Malawi.

Some of the terrific activities you can participate in are romantic dinners on the deck, a  bath for two in the huge bathtub attached to the rooms.

It is the perfect spot for an extended honeymoon. You can have a bush adventure while you dip in the beautiful Victoria Falls.

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