US hate crimes increased nearly 12 percent in 2021 With Blacks Mostly Affected, FBI Report


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According to an annual FBI report, hate crimes against black people rose 14% to 3,277. Incidents of anti-Asian bias increased 167% to 746, while incidents of anti-White bias increased 27% to 1,107.

The FBI recorded 10,840 cases of hate crimes in 2021, up from 8,052 in 2020, according to a supplement to the agency’s annual hate crime report.

Incidents of anti-Asian bias increased 167% to 746, while incidents of anti-White bias increased 27% to 1,107.

The FBI released its annual hate crime report in December, which lists 7,262 cases in 2021. As many as 4,000 law enforcement agencies were unable to convert to the FBI’s new data collection method, leaving the report based on insufficient data.

According to the Voice of America, the FBI’s new data collection system, NIBRS, is capturing more details and context about the crime, such as: The date and time of the event and the relationship between the victim and the offender, enabling police departments to fight crime more effectively.

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For its 2021 updated hate crime report, the FBI collected information from 11,883 of the country’s 18,812 law enforcement agencies.

In 2021, the FBI documented 6,643 hate crimes, a 27% increase from the 5,223 crimes recorded in 2020.

Black Americans have been targeted the most because of their race or ethnicity, with approximately one reported victim of anti-black hatred for every 12,000 black people nationwide.

In 2021, the FBI recorded 3,277 cases of black hate crimes with 3,906 victims.

Asian Americans have also been disproportionately targeted, with approximately one casualty for every 23,000 members of this community. 746 cases targeted a total of 845 Asian Americans.

The FBI also identified 909 anti-Hispanic hate crime victims in 698 cases, or approximately 1 victim for every 70,000 Hispanics in the United States.

White hate crime victims were the second-largest group of racist victims numerically after Black Americans, but proportionately fewer hate crime victims than any other major group studied in the survey.

The FBI defines hate crime as a criminal offense motivated “by the offender’s bias(es) against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender or gender identity.”


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