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10 Passive Income Ideas for African Fashion Designers


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Due to constant demand, the African fashion sector is extremely profitable.

Despite this, many designers still struggle to make a living because of some challenges they face in the fashion industry.

This is why passive income strategies are so important. In this post, we’ll look at several realistic passive income possibilities for African fashion designers wishing to boost their earnings.

  1. Start a fashion blog
  2. Collaborate with other fashion brands
  3. Sell your fashion collection online
  4. Evaluate your design organization
  5. Become a fashion influencer
  6. Become an Online tutor (Udemy, Coursera and other e-learning platforms)
  7. Sell fashion design sketches
  8. Consider freelancing
  9. Modelling gigs
  10. Printing for brands

1. Start a fashion blog

Starting a fashion blog, according to Wpbeginner, is lucrative, with realistic money-making potential for designers.

Starting a fashion blog is one of the numerous income ideas for African fashion designers. It is a rewarding and enjoyable experience that skilled Africans can make use of.

Fashion blogs empower passionate and creative African designers to earn a good living by allowing them to express themselves.

You can also earn money by launching a fashion blog using Instagram or WordPress and providing great information to visitors and readers.

African designers’ profit from commercialization while sharing unique perspectives and showcasing their talents on fashion blogs.

Google permits advertisements to appear on fashion blogs, and you are compensated for ad clicks.

2. Collaborate with other fashion brands

Collaboration with fashion labels and design production houses is becoming highly profitable for designers, according to a recent editorial feature in Vanguard Newspaper.

Collaboration with design manufacturing businesses is perfect for African fashion designers, who face various hurdles and is another income ideas for African fashion designers.

So, whenever you’re having trouble selling something, start investigating fashion brands and making money with design production houses.

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3. Sell your fashion collection online

Some fashion designers are better at producing accessories than they are at making whole dresses or suits.

Fashion designers are known for creating belts, shoes, bags, necklaces, beads, caps, and other fashion accessories; you can supplement your income in the field.

It’s important to remember that purchasing accessories is easier than purchasing clothing. When you make the accessories or kits in huge quantities and sell them to a larger audience, this idea will work better.

You could, for example, partner with a karate school and provide belts or other fashion accessories to the students.

Creative designers, according to Skillshare, can make a fortune in the fashion sector by selling their designs online.

This method can also benefit African designers who have a physical workshop. The internet is a worldwide marketplace, and African fashion designers may take advantage of it.

You can generate a desirable passive income by selling hand-made designer garments on several websites, regardless of your location.

Consider using social media to promote your business and get referrals. On the internet, clients that send in their measurements and accept delivery can be found.

As a result, promoting your business and encouraging recommendations are excellent ways to expand your customer base and revenue.

4. Evaluate your design organization

Scaling your design firm can increase your revenue in less than a year. While the design is an important service provided by your firm, the money is always in the business.

As a result, growing your design firm gives you a leg up on competitors and even developers.

African fashion creatives who become CEOs and designers can earn a lot of money on the continent if they are skilled, enthusiastic, and ambitious.

Begin scaling by registering your business on the market and finding a partner to help you manage the workload.

5. Become a fashion influencer

Brand influencing is one of the most exciting passive income ideas for fashion designers, thanks to social media marketing.

Although brand influencing has been practiced since the days of Marilyn Monroe through various traditional marketing channels such as billboards, magazines, posters, and so on.

However, social media has enabled industrial experts in various fields to become influencers as a result of the trust people have placed in their services over time.

To be a brand influencer as a fashion designer, you must have some recognition from people both on and off social media, as well as experience in the fashion industry.

It is uncommon to come across a brand influencer that is unfamiliar with the sector. Influencers are the new rulers of the fashion world and the market provides designers lucrative prospects.

Experienced designers will gain from this method, while enthusiastic and ambitious newcomers will benefit as well.

African fashion designers who have a large social media following might use this method to generate a passive income.

Several fashion firms are looking for notoriety and are willing to hire social influencers to boost sales.

While social media networks are great for connecting people, African designers may earn money by promoting their products and services.

6. Become an Online Tutor (Udemy, Coursera and other e-learning platforms)

Another profitable concept for fashion designers is to teach others about fashion design online.

The most intriguing aspect of this concept is that it does not necessitate a large sum of money.

All you’ll need is some prior experience, a home office, and video recording and editing software.

On online learning platforms like Udemy or Coursera, you can apply to be a tutor. One of the most innovative passive income ideas for fashion designers is to become an online educator.

African fashion designers with advanced talents can educate others how to be creative and make a fortune in the market.

If you can teach fashion drawings, design, or sewing abilities, this passive income option is for you.

Consider advertising for clients both online and offline and charging a fee for the service.

7. Sell Fashion design sketches

Selling fashion design sketches, according to idrawfashion, is a lucrative passive revenue technique for any designer.

Drawing and selling fashion design sketches is a profitable sector that you may profit from without ever leaving Africa.

Artists and fashion illustrators can use the internet to sell their creative work for money.
Skilled African design illustrators might sell original sketches or sell designs that have already been completed as prints.

For higher sales and commissions, consider drafting a captivating description that is relatable to buyers.

With the emergence of digital money and services, the world has gone digital, and any businessperson must learn how to blend in.

Gone are the days when fashion designers had to spend hours on their drawing pads sketching out trends.

You may now make a design online and sell it to stylists on numerous fashion platforms using an iPad, a smartphone, or whatever digital tools you have.

This is yet another fantastic passive income opportunity for clothes designers. It is more profitable for fashion designers to earn cool money online by developing fashion graphics in 3D formats.

You may sell your graphics to clients for a great price on freelancing platforms like Etsy, Freelancer.com, Upwork, and Fiverr.

8. Consider freelancing

For fashion designers, freelancing is one of the best passive income options. As a freelance fashion designer, all you do is work for clients who need your talents on a regular basis.

You can, for example, provide school uniforms to public schools and choir robes to churches. In any case, you’ll be able to work from home and earn more money.

Social media and fashion design sites are the ideal places to look for freelancing opportunities as a fashion designer.

As a freelance creative designer, you can make a respectable and steady passive income, according to Successful Fashion Designer.

Freelance fashion designers are in high demand all over the world, and talented African creatives can benefit.

Consider freelancing if you have experience with hang tag designs, fashion artwork, or sewing diverse materials.

To expand your consumer base, consider forming a network and advertising your services both locally and online.

Furthermore, you get compensated for providing your services at your selected rate.

9. Modelling gigs

Victoria Beckham is one of the world’s most well-known fashion designers. Many models and celebrities have been styled by the talented English fashion designer.

Due to her influence in the fashion business, she is also considered one of the most powerful women in the UK.

Modeling engagements might be considered one of the passive revenue options for fashion designers owing to social media.

You can attract models or celebrities to your business page using the tools given by social media platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and others.

You can also try contacting fashion designers who have worked as models in the past; they will be able to advise you on how to get a modeling job.

10. Printing for brands

Remember that before you can work as a fashion designer in the printing industry, you’ll need to have some printing equipment.

You can, however, take on more tasks with a printing machine, such as T-shirt printing, face cap printing, bag printing, and so on.

For fashion designers, this is one of the most profitable passive income options.


It will be easier for you to map out how to establish a side hustle as a fashion designer with these ten great passive income ideas for fashion designers.

All that is required is for you to figure out which one works best for you and to continue to improve on it.

The fashion design sector pays well, and earning money is a step toward living your dream life.

Now is the time to learn more about the sector and develop effective techniques for earning a good living.


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