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10 Lucrative Business Opportunities for Africans

There seems to be a lot of lucrative business opportunities for Africans in the continent.

Africa has a plethora of fantastic business options and this article highlights the numerous possibilities of this fact.

According to the IMF’s most recent World Economic Outlook, Africa has six of the world’s ten fastest-growing economies.

Research also shows that by 2050, the continent’s economy might be worth up to $29 trillion, quadrupling its current size.

Africa’s road to economic prosperity, like China and India’s, will produce lots of new major winners.

This will be a good sight to behold because when most people think of Africa, they think of difficulties and challenges such as hunger, disease, unemployment, illiteracy, waste, and insufficient electricity, to name a few.

Surprisingly, while most people are angry and disgusted by these issues, the African entrepreneurs who are making a fortune and changing lives are enthralled and motivated by them.

Entrepreneurs that succeed in Africa use their creativity and ingenuity to solve difficulties because they see things differently.

If you want to be among those Africans making waves in the continent, here are 10 lucrative business opportunities for Africans

  1. Create online courses
  2. Real Estate
  3. Become a marketing consultant
  4. Become a destination wedding planner
  5. Organize specialty travel tours
  6. Food & Agribusiness
  7. Investment
  8. Open a co-working space
  9. Internet & Tech
  10. Fashion & Beauty

1. Create online courses

Creating online classes is an excellent way to earn passive money online. Africans value knowledge and are eager to learn, they can turn unusual interests into valuable business ventures.

Furthermore, talented Africans can profitably create online courses to educate others. If you enjoy teaching but don’t want to coach, online courses are for you.

Consider picking a niche and developing content that is suited to a specific audience. You can also make money by charging for downloaded content and textual materials.

Furthermore, Africans have access to a variety of venues for monetizing content.

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2. Real Estate

The growing demand for both residential and commercial real estate across Africa is a potential boon for real estate developers.

According to experts, however, there is still a huge accommodation shortage in Nigeria, with over 16 million new houses needed to solve the country’s serious housing problem.

The estimated cost of providing these homes stands at a whopping $350 billion.

3. Become a marketing consultant

A marketing consultant, according to Total Entrepreneur, can earn a lot of money. With significant experience in the marketing field, you can make money on the African continent.

Africans with a marketing background can also make a fortune by assisting small businesses in achieving their goals.

Most small businesses use social media to reach out to their target audiences and clients, and SEO helps them rank higher on Google.

In addition, becoming a marketing consultant who provides these services might propel you to new heights. Furthermore, guiding new and existing marketers can help you earn more money.

4. Become a destination wedding planner

Becoming a destination wedding planner, according to Travel Trends Today, is another lucrative business opportunities for Africans to explore.

African weddings are recognized for being colorful and diverse, with unique cultural experiences, but many people struggle to locate a destination planner.

Weddings in Africa are extravagant and larger-than-life, and working as a destination wedding planner can take you to exotic locations.

Solve couples’ wedding planning problems and make a fortune without ever leaving Africa. This startup concept is for you if you enjoy exploring and don’t mind working weekends or longer hours.

5. Organize specialty travel tours

The specialist travel market is profitable and offers numerous business benefits. This industry can benefit Africans with research and communication skills.

Consider planning specialty vacations and tours if you enjoy traveling and can converse in a variety of African languages.

You have the opportunity to travel extensively and meet intriguing people. Consider starting a business that caters to older families, music fans, and single visitors all around Africa.

Furthermore, scheduling cross-continent excursions and tours helps reduce your initial costs.

6. Food & Agribusiness

The prospects in Africa’s food and agribusiness sectors remain enormous and are unlikely to fade away very soon.

Africa’s food and agriculture sector is a multi-billion dollar opportunity for entrepreneurs who know where to seek, with over one billion people to feed.

Food production remains a massive and exciting possibility. Even though Africa has a huge potential to produce grains, milk, and other raw and semi-processed agricultural products, they are nevertheless imported.

Entrepreneurs who can create food goods locally stand to gain a lot of money. Food and agribusiness opportunities span the value chain and include a variety of products.

7. Investment

With North America and Europe’s economies slowing, more money is flowing towards fast-growing regions like Africa.

More investors are looking to invest in Africa in pursuit of bigger profits. Whether you want to invest directly in African businesses or route cash into Africa’s stock markets, the potential for huge reward has never looked higher.

Tony Elumelu, a Nigerian billionaire investor, pledged to spend $100 million in African companies and entrepreneurs over the next ten years at the end of last year.

This is only one of several large-scale investment efforts that will provide enormous opportunity and wealth to anyone who can take advantage of them.

8. Open a co-working space

Opening a co-working space can be advantageous, as many of them become profitable after two years of operation.

Africans can benefit from the surge in remote employment to earn a good living. Customers will flock to you if you can create a collaborative environment based on trust.

A modern coworking space that tackles the problems of businesses will make Africans wealthy.

For effective results, evaluate the local influence, amenities, and location of this proposal.

9. Internet & Tech

In 2022, Africa’s Internet & Tech sector will be fascinating to follow. From Accra (Ghana) to Lagos (Nigeria), Jo’burg (South Africa), and Nairobi (Kenya), tech centers and incubators are springing up all over the continent (Kenya).

These centers have evolved into Africa’s “Silicon Valley,” producing the brightest tech innovators and entrepreneurs the continent has ever seen.

10. Fashion & Beauty

Africa’s fashion and cosmetics industry is growing at a rapid pace. The continent’s predominantly young population provides a ready market for fashionable clothing.

Across Africa’s rapidly expanding urban centers, all types of garments, including locally created materials and imported designer labels, have become hot-selling items.

Hundreds of rising stars in Africa’s fashion and beauty industries are developing lucrative businesses.

Suzie Wokabi is one of Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs, breaking into a market dominated by worldwide behemoths such as Unilever, Procter & Gamble, L’Oral, and Mary Kay.

Suzie Beauty, the cosmetics company she founded in Kenya some seven years ago, has become a big success.


From this article, you can see that there are a multitude of lucrative business opportunities for Africans to dive into.

From energy to technology, it’s home to a diversity of profitable and innovative businesses.

The continent comprises fifty-four countries, each with its own unique characteristics. As a result, there is no single formula for business success.

However, there is one commonality: the enormous opportunity that lies waiting for those who plan to take advantage of it.

Perhaps, this article has also shown you that African entrepreneurship can be quite profitable too.

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