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10 Traditional Madagascar Food You Should Try Having Next


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Like the island itself, the cuisine of Madagascar, often known as Malagasy, is trapped between the flavours of Southeast Asia and Africa.

Using the most flavorful ingredients from both of these continents, Madagascar food has also included the best elements of European influence during the country’s French past.

The cuisine of Madagascar is able to integrate all of these different components into a special selection of dishes that include curries with cassava and crevettes (shrimp and prawns).

Madagascar is renowned for the variety it provides when it comes to serving up a ton of mouth watering foods.

Their main dish, rice, makes up the majority of their meals. However, a wide range of vegetables, along with seafood and meat, also top their list of priorities.

The majority of their food is frequently spiced up with sauces made of tomato, onion, garlic, and ginger.

With that being said, let’s look at the top 10 traditional Madagascar food you should try having soon

  1. Malagasy Style Fried Rice
  2. Romazava
  3. Foza sy hena-kisoa
  4. Lasary
  5. Mofo gasy
  6. Koba
  7. Akoho sy voania
  8. Nem
  9. Mofo-anana
  10. Voanjobory sy hena-kisoa

1. Malagasy Style Fried Rice

Madagascar Food
source: pinterest

Rice lovers get in here! This is definitely one Madagascar food worth trying.

Their main dish, rice, is combined in a special way with a variety of veggies, including carrots, capsicum, sweet corn, bok choy, and spring onions.

Shrimps, eggs, pork slices and a variety of vegetables are also used in its preparation to give it a rich and spicy flavor.

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2. Romazava

10 Traditional Madagascar Food You Should Try Having Next
source: stoned soup

Romazava, a traditional stew of meat and greens, is frequently served over a large serving of rice, much like other Madagascar food, and is widely regarded as the country of Madagascar’s national dish.

The most common ingredient is beef, which is typically cooked for hours to such a tenderness that it crumbles at the slightest touch with a finger or fork.

Along with onions, garlic, a variety of aromatic spices, and mixed leafy greens like cassava (manioc) leaf, romazava also typically contains additional key ingredients whose precise proportions vary from chef to chef.

Due to the use of mustard leaves, ginger, and anamalaho, a leaf with a citrus flavour, it frequently packs a spicy punch.

3. Foza sy hena-kisoa

10 Traditional Madagascar Food You Should Try Having Next
source: YouTube

This Madagascar food is a fantastic combination of stir-fried pork, crab, and lobster that has also been spiced with ginger and lime juice.

The majority of Malagasy cuisines pair this meal with rice. Its texture is chewy and soft, respectively, because to the inclusion of lobster and crab, and its flavor is sweet and sour thanks to the addition of lime and ginger.

4. Lasary

10 Traditional Madagascar Food You Should Try Having Next
source: simply recipes

Lasary is a plate of finely chopped vegetables that is typically served as a side dish with a variety of other cuisines.

The vegetables are frequently pickled or have vinaigrette dressing added to them.
Carrots, red peppers, green beans, onions, and tomatoes are the top veggies you can expect to find in any supermarket.

The dish lasary voatabia, a popular variation of lasary, is made with chopped tomatoes and fresh parsley to resemble tomato salsa.

To be on the safe side, lasary can also refer to a meal of pickled lemon and mango, which is well worth trying.

5. Mofo gasy

10 Traditional Madagascar Food You Should Try Having Next
source: honest cooking

Mofo gasy is most frequently referred to as Malagasy bread, but it’s actually more accurately defined as bite-sized pancakes or blinis.

Like any dough, mofo gasy are made with rice flour, water, and yeast. In addition, some sugar and coconut cream are added to turn these wonderful morsels from savory to sweet.

It is recommended to look for mofo gasy in the morning since they are frequently consumed as part of breakfast alongside fresh fruit, fruit juice, or a cup of iced tea. It has a light sweetness, is crunchy on the exterior and chewy inside.

6. Koba

10 Traditional Madagascar Food You Should Try Having Next
source: pinterest

This African island nation’s traditional dessert consists mostly of mashed bananas, vanilla beans, and ground peanuts, as well as cornflour and honey.

The batter is boiled or steam-cooked after being wrapped in banana leaves. It is so well-known throughout Madagascar that you can find it being sold at any gas station or market under the name Koba akondro.

Definitely a pleasant sensation made sweeter by the vanilla and bananas. The crunchiness of peanuts enhances their distinctive flavor.

7. Akoho sy voanio

10 Traditional Madagascar Food You Should Try Having Next
source: TasteAtlas

The major components of akoho sy voanio are chunks of chicken with coconut milk and tomato over a base of onion and spices. It has the appearance of a white curry or stew.

As a result, it doesn’t burn your mouth as much as certain other Madagascan meals can, but it isn’t any less decadent.

Although akoho sy voanio is traditionally a dish eaten throughout the Christmas season, it is becoming more and more popular all year long.


10 Traditional Madagascar Food You Should Try Having Next
source: tripatini

Deep-fried spring rolls that are crunchy and packed with meat, potatoes, cabbage, and onions.

The ideal sides for this delicious snack are hot, sour sauces. Every bite’s crispiness would take you to a completely new level.

9. Mofo-anana

10 Traditional Madagascar Food You Should Try Having Next
source: spice your life

Bread with leafy greens is referred to in the local dialect as mofo and anana, which indicate bread and leafy greens, respectively.

These little fritters are made by thoroughly cooking the greens, adding them to bread batter, then deep-frying the mixture.

As a dip, there is a hot sauce made of ginger, garlic, and chile. At first mouthful, the soft, crunchy, spicy, and crispy food would melt in your lips.

10. Voanjobory sy hena-kisoa

10 Traditional Madagascar Food You Should Try Having Next
source: travel inspires

Despite what the name might suggest, the dish is just chopped pork and Bambara groundnuts.

As a side dish, chili paste and a bowl of salad are typical. The richness of the pork mixed with the earthy, nutty flavor of the groundnuts would fully delight your palate.


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