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Judge Rejects Plea of 23-year-old Kamiyah Mobley to Reduce Sentence of Her Kidnapper At Birth

In an emotional turn of events, a 23-year-old lady, identified as Kamiyah Mobley has begged the court to be lenient with a woman she calls her mother, who was identified as her kidnapper at birth.

Kamiyah Mobley was 18 years old when she found out that she was kidnapped by Gloria Williams when she was only a few hours old.

According to Action News Jax, The petition of Kamiyah Mobley to the court comes after Gloria Williams her convicted kidnapper asked a judge to reduce her sentence. Her request was, however, declined.

Kamiyah Mobley’s letter

Gloria Williams was sentenced in 2018 to 18 years in prison for kidnapping Kamiyah Mobley at a Florida hospital in 1998. According to authorities, Gloria Williams disguised herself as a nurse and abducted Kamiyah only a few hours after her biological mother gave birth to her.

Gloria then fled with the newborn to South Carolina and raised her as her daughter. Gloria Williams also changed her name to Alexis Manigo.

After long years of hiding, the officials finally traced Mobley to a location in Walterboro, South Carolina in 2017.


Although authorities determined Kamiyah Mobley’s date of birth matched that of the victim they were searching for; they however established she had a different name and her documents had been fabricated. Fortunately, through DNA, officials eventually confirmed Kamiyah Mobley’s real identity.

Gloria Williams gave Kamiyah Mobley a Well-rounded Life

Although Kamiyah Mobley and her biological parents have since reunited, she told the court that she still regarded Williams as her mother.

She said this in a letter she wrote in September 2021 that reads, “I had a well-rounded life; and I am an independent, college-educated, and deeply spiritual person; because of all my mom gave me, I am fully aware of how our lives came to be, what they are, and how my mom came to be my mom,”.

Gloria Williams

“I understand that none of this modifies the truth of the past; Nor does it justify my mom’s actions in any way,” Kamiyah added. I ask for the court’s grace and mercy, as I need my mother home,” she added.

Gloria Williams thereby attached Kamiyah Mobley’s letter when she filed her motion for the judge to look into reducing her sentence; court documents revealed. Also, in her letter, Williams asked the court to modify her sentence by allowing her to spend half of it in prison and the other half on felony probation; “or whatever relief this Court deems appropriate.”

Request Denied

The woman who kidnapped Kamiyah also claimed she was a reformed person, adding that she had undergone a faith and character program; and said she had enrolled in a Master’s degree program in business administration.

“I have received no disciplinary reports whatsoever, and I have maintained an above satisfactory rating by both securities; and in my work assignment performance issued once a month by the Department of Corrections,” Williams wrote.

“I understand that this in no way mollifies my actions, however, I ask this Court for mercy and grace; in considering modifying/reducing my sentence to a split sentence…”

But the Duval County Circuit Court judge rejected the request made by the kidnapper on Wednesday.

“The court commends the defendant for her efforts to rehabilitate herself and sympathizes with Ms. Mobley’s perspective,” Judge Jeb Branham wrote. “However, even if the motion was filed on time; the court would not find a basis to undo the original sentencing judge’s decision.”

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