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6 African Luxury Brands You Should Know


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It’s no accident that African luxury brands are dominating the entire world. Designers from all over the continent have been pushing limits and producing masterpieces for years, and now the world is starting to pay notice.

In this article, we look at 6 African luxury brands currently making waves across the continent.

  1. Thebe Magugu (South Africa)
  2. Don Morphy (Cameroon)
  3. Rich Mnisi (South Africa)
  4. Lisa Folawiyo (Nigeria)
  5. Inga Atelier (South Africa)
  6. Tongoro Studio (Senegal)

1. Thebe Magugu (South Africa)

6 African Luxury Brands You Should Know
source: pinterest

Thebe Magugu is a high-end South African fashion label that was started by Thebe Magugu.

While examining similar topics through diverse capsule projects, they also provide ready-to-wear collections.

On their website, they write, “we are developing an identity distinguished by self-evolving timelessness between pillar practices of cultural honor, novelty, and rigorous excellence.

It will also please you to know that Thebe Magugu clothing is one of the African luxury brands that has appeared in Beyonce’s Black Is King visual album, Vogue Italia issues, and on Hollywood actress and producer Issa Rae in the television series Insecure.

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2. Don Morphy (Cameroon)

6 African Luxury Brands You Should Know
source: D Magazine

Don Morphy is a Cameroonian company that specializes in creating custom suits and t-shirts for people who want to become Dons. T.D. Jakes, rapper Mike Jones, and Emmitt Smith are among the famous people the high-end clothing line has dressed.

3. Rich Mnisi (South Africa)

6 African Luxury Brands You Should Know
source: TheCityCeleb

Rich Mnisi is a multidisciplinary modern brand from South Africa that was established in 2015.

The brand was conceived from Mnisi’s desire to connect deeper with his unique culture and heritage and tell a compelling story through his art – a story of a mysterious past, intriguing present, and reimagined future, according to their website.

“Initially, a creative outlet for Mnisi, hoping to unearth Africa’s hidden treasures while also being youthful, contemporary, and modern,” reads the description on their website.

4. Lisa Folawiyo (Nigeria)

African luxury brands
source: Eucarl wears

Nigerian designer Lisa Folawiyo’s line includes women’s clothing and accessories. Lupita Nyong’o and Solange Knowles have both expressed interest in her vibrant, striking, and exquisite West African textiles.

Lisa noted that some of her creations are hand beaded in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

The focus of the Lisa Folawiyo brand is hand decoration. The lines include some clothing that has been hand-beaded by craftsmen. I get inspiration for each season from various Nigerian cultures as well as my own travels, she said.

5. Inga Atelier (South Africa)

6 African Luxury Brands You Should Know
source: iol.com

Inga Atelier is a South African luxury leather accessories company that was established by Inga Gubeka. All of the products are handmade.

“African handmade art on a mission to share its knowledge with the world. Our assortment of luxury leather items is meticulously created with pride and exudes a distinct history “on their website.

They recently debuted a new line called “UMENDO,” which will be sold starting on February 10th, 2021.

6. Tongoro Studio (Senegal)

6 African Luxury Brands You Should Know
source: Lucille Dyosi

The Senegalese company Tongoro, which has barely been functioning for three years, has managed to catch Beyonce’s eye.

Five distinct items from the designer have been spotted on her, including in her Black Is King video album.

Menswear is also catered for by Tongoro, and brand owner Sarah Diouf gets her ideas from her travels to Paris and Africa.


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