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After stabbing her Nigerian lover to death, Courtney Tailor’s attorney says “she was the victim”


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Courtney Tailor, an Instagram, and OnlyFans celebrity, was arrested after she was accused of fatally stabbing her Black lover inside his Miami condo.

How it all started

According to CBS Miami, Christian Toby Obumseli, 27, was the victim of a homicide at One Paraiso in Miami’s Edgewater district on Sunday.

Obumseli was assaulted inside his home and died after being brought to JMH’s Ryder Trauma Center by Miami Fire Rescue.

Courtney Tailor, the OnlyFans model accused of fatally stabbing her lover Christian Tobechukwu Obumseli, boasted about only dating “wealthy Black men” weeks before the fatal event, according to newly revealed podcast footage.

Two weeks before the incident

Tailor, whose actual name is Courtney Clenney, mentioned how she prefers having control over her relationships and dislikes being told what to do.

“Let me explain, ” Tailor, who is white, said on the “We in Miami Podcast” two weeks before Obumseli’s death, “I only date wealthy Black people.”

The model is seen on video with her hands bound, blood-soaked clothes, and appearing to communicate with authorities, according to the outlet.

Authorities have not confirmed the name of the person in the video, according to research, but Tailor was apparently hospitalized after she threatened suicide while in detention for interrogation after the stabbing.

Frank Prieto presses charges

Tailor’s attorney, Frank Prieto, admitted to researchers that she is in the video, but claimed that she was the victim of “physical, emotional, and mental torture” at the hands of Mr. Obumseli, even accusing him of “human trafficking” without elaboration.

“It’s sad that a member of the public, who has no knowledge of the circumstances or events behind Mr, Obumseli’s death, would have taken advantage of the opportunity to harass the Clenney family at a time when they are attempting to help Courtney.

Mr. Obumseli was committing a forceful offense, according to Prieto, and “had gained access to Courtney’s residence without permission on multiple occasions in the days leading up to this event,” according to Prieto.”

Both the city of Miami Police Department and the Miami-Dade Attorney’s office will end their investigations in this manner. With that in mind, we would appreciate the public’s patience as we respect the family’s privacy at this time, ” he added

Several friends of the couple have resorted to social media to refute Prieto’s assertions.” I just want to make sure the media doesn’t make Christian out to be the bad guy,” one of the couple’s putative friends claimed.

“We’re talking about it because my boyfriend and I were friends with them, and after chatting with their family, it appears that they were unaware of how toxic their relationship was and all the violence that occurred before this.”

According to researchers, attorney Lee Merritt, who represents Obumseli’s family, has yet to react to a request for comment on Prieto’s multiple charges but believes she is the one in the video.

Read the full story of how 27-year-old Nigerian Man, Christian Toby Obumseli was Stabbed to Death by his Caucasian Girlfriend Courtney Tailor


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