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First Batch of Asylum Seekers from The U.K. To Arrive In Rwanda

The United Kingdom is now ready to send the first batch of asylum seekers and refugees to Rwanda after a signed agreement.

In just a few days, what began as a controversial agreement will be honored by the Rwandan government; in line with the demands by the United Kingdom to settle illegal migrants in the East African country.

Recall that the agreement offers a payment of $160 million to Kigali; the very city assigned to host these illegal migrants as they make their way to Rwanda.

Asylum seekers in Rwanda

The host country, Rwanda, will receive these migrants arriving on small boats across the English Channel.

Rather than being allowed to call the U.K. their new home, they were diverted instead to Rwanda. In Rwanda, paperwork will be processed for them to get them started in their new home.

The Promise of a New Home

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson told a local newspaper that 50 persons who had entered the nation illegally after crossing the Channel had been advised that they would be flown to Rwanda.

Besides, those who are affected have 7 to 14 days to file an objection. The proposal is aimed at migrants who arrived after January 1, 2022.

Charities, including refugee rights organizations, and activists have all been vocal in their opposition to the agreement.

Activists claim that the agreement violates the 1951 Refugee Convention, which mandates that signatory states shall not penalize asylum seekers and refugees “on account of their illegal entry or detention.” Others have raised concerns about Rwanda’s human rights record.

Nevertheless, the UNHCR has encouraged the United Kingdom and Rwanda to reconsider their agreement.

The accord has been touted by both London and Kigali as a compassionate answer to global migration concerns. They also claim that the deal is required to prevent human trafficking.

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