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How Nigeria’s Star Singer Tiwa Savage, was black mailed and her Sex Tape Leaked by a blog

The past two weeks has been rocky for Nigeria’s star female singer Tiwa Savage AKA African Bad Gyal. The singer who just recently dropped a hit single “Somebody’s son” which she also featured Brandy in the video, dropped a bombshell on a radio interview about how she she said was being black mailed by an unnamed person who was demanding money in exchange for a sex tape which the unnamed black mailer threatened to release to the public.

During an interview with American On Air Personality, Angie Martinez of Power 105.1, a little over a week ago; Tiwa savage revealed that she was being blackmailed over a sex video that featured her and her current lover.

Speaking about the situation, the African Bad GYAL revealed that her lover, who mistakenly uploaded the video on Snapchat; before deleting almost immediately, is upset with the development.

Tiwa initially thought of succumbing to the blackmailer’s threat of paying but later decided to call the blackmailer’s bluff and push out her own narrative; after all, that what she did in the said video is something natural.

How Nigeria’s Star Singer Tiwa Savage, was black mailed and her Sex Tape Leaked by a blog

According to TheWill, the singer also even that if push comes to shove; she just might release the video herself as she is “that crazy.”

However, most Nigerians didn’t believe she could be naive enough to make a sex video let alone be blackmailed for it. Many concluded it was a publicity stunt to swing sympathy in her favour and help boost the sales of her recently released Extended Play, EP; “Water and Garri,” which is struggling to make the desired impact.How Nigeria’s Star Singer Tiwa Savage, was black mailed and her Sex Tape Leaked by a blog

The Tiwa Savage Sex Tape is Finally Released

Surprisingly, the video has finally made its way to the public domain. Exactly 11 seconds long, it features two people in the act but only Tiwa’s face is captured on camera. Apparently, she was on a cruise boat with her significant other and a few friends and at some point, it occurred.

To say that Tiwa is quite upset over the leak would be stating the obvious. In a post she made on her insta story and addressed to those whom she said wished to destroy and shame her, she said; “You hated how I was able to control the narrative and get ahead of the story before it consumed me and I am able to joke on stage about something you thought will destroy me and make me feel ashamed.”

There are, however, insinuations that Tiwa’s lover, Abolo Beckham, a Nigerian based in Ghana; with whom she made the video, leaked it and not the blackmailer. They hinge this on the fact that it was only Tiwa whom he clearly captured as he was the one recording; while he conveniently didn’t capture his own face.

They also wonder why he uploaded it on Snapchat in the first place; “mistakenly” and deleted it within seconds. Not a few concluded that Tiwa was better off without such a man who clearly doesn’t have her interest at heart.

Standing with Tiwa Savage

Following the release of the sex tape, many Nigerians and celebrities alike; took to their social media account, and posted photos of the singer; with captions like; “Queen T”, “I stand with Tiwa” e.t.c

This is a surprising turn of events, because it is not every time that a sex tape is leaked that the victim is being upheld instead of generally shamed. What next for the singer? Well, she seems to have moved past the whole event as she just recently unveiled her latest mansion.

Some reactions to the viral sex tape

@prince_kingsley “I don watch the video like 10x”

@UnitedSancho: “@TiwaSavage, I’m just curious though. How do you think your son is going to react when he sees this video in the future? Do you actually see yourself as a good mother? Time will tell.”

@official_Oyinyechukwu_: “I pity Tiwa. The video was so real.”

@the_real_mikii: “Tiwa baby we dey for you.”

@accesslucky: “This gender war has eaten deep on all of you… what about the married lady that went on cheating? Why didn’t Tiwa ask de set thru camera and record themselves in full? (that’s if you have to record) Did she forget she’s a celebrity? Make una rest abeg.”

@PabloHoggs: “Don’t even know what Tiwa was thinking when she was having sex and she knew she was been recorded… I mean why are you recording yourself having s3x?? Now that innocent son of hers will grow old to find his Mom’s sex tape on the internet, because internet don’t forget.”

@Rhynogee: “This celeb are human being like us jare. They are worst than many of us here on twitter…. We move!!! Tiwa Savage, work on the mess if truly you are the one in the sextape. Ire o!!”

@Bennt_bee_: “Instagram users are not taking the sex tape lightly. They are seriously ranting because they believe it’s a stunt for tiwa to remain relevant.”

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