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How To Make Money Online In Egypt

With the rise in internet use in Egypt, there are a lot of benefits to be gained online, including making money rather than just mindlessly using the internet. The job market is growing with positions to be filled by qualified individuals as a result of the pandemic hit that forced people to stay at home worldwide and forced brands, businesses, and consumers to move online.

Are you a stay-at-home mum in Egypt, a broke college student, or just looking to add to your stream of income by either earning more in Egyptian pounds or even in dollars? Here are five ways to make money online in Egypt and be your own boss. All you need is your smartphone and a good internet connection.

1) Blogging

Blogging, which initially started as a hobby, is now what is called a hobby-based occupation. It is a fast way to make money online. Everyone is looking for quick information and hacks online, and you can turn your knowledge into cash with blogging. Combining providing value and useful information with getting basic blogging knowledge can make you smile at the bank in a matter of time.

Bloggers are magicians who write down useful information for educational or entertainment purposes in a relatable way. If you have information that people find useful, or if you can help people with DIY tips, then you can be a successful blogger.

How to make money online in Egypt - I Love Africa
a blogger using her skills to earn money online.

2) Freelancing

Although Egyptians are not new to freelancing, this aspect of making money online is still underexplored. Freelancing is an effective way to earn both local and foreign currency online. Freelancing gives you the leverage to be your own boss. Here you are the product, and you market your skills to land clients online. There are a couple of freelance platforms that Egyptians can explore, especially if they are looking to land international clients. These platforms are like marketplaces but for services. They are:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • LinkedIn

The major benefit of freelancing is the freedom of work, expression, and creativity it offers you. You get to choose the client you want to work with, as well as determine your income as well.

How to make online in Egypt - I Love Africa

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3) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an equally useful aspect of making money online for Egyptians. It is all about the promotion and advertisement of other brands’ products and services. To be successful in this aspect, you would need to choose a niche. This helps when marketing as information will come to you easily.

Affiliate marketers earn by commission based on the number of referrals they make through their affiliate link from the brand.

How to make money online - I Love Africa

4) Copywriting

Copywriting is selling with words. Copywriters are responsible for promoting products and services with words. Everything you see on the internet is copied, and if you have the ability to market, persuade, and influence, then you should consider a career in copywriting. Copywriters are needed both online and offline and with the importance of their skill this profession has come to stay.

5) Create and Sell Digital Products.

Creating and marketing digital products online is a good way to earn an income. People are not only looking for information online; they are also looking for someone to teach them as well. If you consider yourself knowledgeable about a topic, niche, or industry, then you should be monetizing that knowledge.

By creating digital products, you could reach a wide range of international students looking to learn something you know. You could also reach Egyptians in the diaspora who need the knowledge you are providing. Do not sleep on that talent you are good at. Create a product and sell it. Digital products can be in the form of:

  • E-books
  • Webinars
  • Video courses
  • Audio courses
  • Memberships
  • Subscriptions

Your knowledge could be what someone needs, monetize it.

Now, you need to determine the best method to earn your money online. You do not need more than your knowledge, a smartphone, and an internet connection. Do not miss out on any of the opportunities available to you. People are already cashing out on the internet in Egypt.

Take time to figure out your path on the internet, as these skills require expert knowledge. If you have an interest in any of this, you can always learn the ropes.

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