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How to Start Casino Business in South Africa


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The Casino Business is a thriving one, with dozens of franchise. However, the most recent update to the traditional Casino approach is via the internet. This means that many of what goes on in physical Casinos now happens online.

Nonetheless, to start a Casino business, there are steps involved. Whether it is an online gambling website or a physical casino, these steps apply. An interested party must follow the steps below on how to start a Casino in South Africa.

Why the South African market? Well, South Africa has a long history with related businesses. Experts have claimed that gambling in South Africa is at least a few centuries old. With such a long history, it is obvious why South Africa remains an untapped market.

So, How to Start a Casino Business in South Africa

Obtain Gaming License

How to Start Casino Business in South Africa

Every attempt at a Casino or gambling company would require a license. To obtain this license, the South African government will be involved. Though unlike a few years ago, gaming license in South Africa are not as tough to obtain. Obtaining a gaming license simply requires straight forward process. These include, reaching out to the gaming board. There are boards governing each provinces in South Africa. These boards are of course governed by the National Gambling Board as the supreme body.

Of course, there are certain desires and required ways to apply for said license. You could apply as a manufacturer, supplier, maintenance or supplier. Applying could happen physically or online their official website.

How to Start a Casino Business in South Africa

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The entire application process can take up to 3 months and the cost of applications varies from province to province.

Interestingly the Casino Business could be done online or physically. Though some choose to combine both and it serves them quite well. Depending on your capacity and staff strength, you could choose a physical casino. However, if you cannot handle a physical casino, try an online Casino or web page.

To start your online casino, all you have to do is build a website. Since you might not have the technical know-how, you can contact an IT Company. These companies have the experiences to build you a website to your taste.


How to Start a Casino Business in South Africa

Once your website is up and running, what is left is a lot of marketing. To get the South African audience interested in your platform, you will need active marketing. Market your platform, come up with interesting content, as well as reduction in rates and bonuses. You can never go wrong with a discount.

Regardless of if you are choosing to build online or physically, you would need marketing to get the South African audiences. Recommended tools would be to ensure you reach a wide audience with price reduction. A good User experience has proven useful for gambling platforms in the past and remains key.

Maintaining Your License

How to Start a Casino Business in South Africa

Like everything in the world, Gamblin licenses have their time and they do expire. So, after each expiration, you will need to renew it as soon as possible. You can also use the opportunity to upgrade your license, providing you with interesting opportunities.

Avoid Money Laundering

South Africa has three acts which relate to Anti-money laundering: the Prevention of Organised Crime Act (POCA), Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA), and The Protection of Constitutional Democracy Against Terrorist and Related Activities Act (POCDATARA). Ensure all these are studied and kept at the back of the mind of your greatest staff.

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