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Kanye West Accuses NBA Star, Chris Paul of Having Affair With Kim Kardashian

During a Thursday night Twitter rant with a bit anti-Semitism and condemnations of the porn industry, Kanye West made a completely wild claim about his ex-wife’s supposed involvement with an NBA star.

The rapper apparently accused NBA star Chris Paul of having an affair with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

West, after numerous controversial tweets, took a break before returning to Twitter, this time sharing a photo of Paul and writing, “Let’s open one last window before we head out here. I broke up this guy with Kim. Good night.”

Kanye west

The tweet about Paul was one of many disingenuous things Ye said Thursday, from supporting Balenciaga amid recent controversy over a BDSM-themed campaign involving children, to the aforementioned anti-Semitism. West’s Twitter account was suspended later in the evening.

It was reported this week that West and Kardashian are finalizing the terms of their divorce, specifically issues related to joint ownership and custody of their four children. Under the terms of the divorce, West Kardashian will pay $200,000 a month in child support, according to TMZ.

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While the Kardashian-Jenner sisters are well aware of NBA talent — Kendall Jenner dated Devin Booker, Paul’s Phoenix Suns teammate, until the two split last month — West’s confirmation of Paul came as a shock to many, given the veteran point guard Known as a family man, he has stayed away from controversy throughout his career.

Kanye West Accuses NBA Star, Chris Paul of Having Affair With Kim Kardashian

Paul has been married to college friend Jada Crawley since 2011; The couple have two children – a 13-year-old boy, Chris Jr., and a 9-year-old daughter, Camryn.

While everything West says at this point should be taken into account, his bombshell set NBA Twitter on fire Thursday night.

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