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Kenyan Airway’s Subsidiary To Purchase 40 Flying Cars To Ease Transportation


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Fahari Aviation, a subsidiary of Kenyan Airways has signed a Letter of intent in an attempt to acquire up to 40 electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles.

These vehicles could also be referred to in simpler terms as “flying cars” and are expected to be delivered to the airways by Eve, an Embraer-backed project dedicated to accelerating the Urban Air Mobility ecosystem.

The agreement was signed by the airline subsidiary to ease transportation within Kenya especially as issues of traffic congestion become a reason for concern.

It is said to include joint studies through a working group to develop and scale the UAM market and a business model for cargo drone operations in Kenya.

This means that while there is an effort to improve transportation in the country through flying cars, there is also an attempt to improve the transportation of goods via a modern cargo drone operation within Kenya.

Reports claims that the operation is expected to begin in 2026, the very same year when the deliveries of the vehicles are to be made to the Kenyan airways.

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The reliability of the project is highly spoken of and discussed among City planners who expect it to bring positive change to Kenya. According to sources, the most feasible design for effectiveness and certifiability is used in Eve’s electric-powered eVTOL lift & cruise vehicle.


Its multiple rotors are used for vertical takeoff and landing, and at cruise altitude the rear propellers propel the aircraft forward like it is flying on wings. This results in a low-noise flight experience and makes it simpler to move through cities without getting stuck in traffic.

“Urban air mobility is the future of transport and we are honoured to be the champions of this in the region.

The journey to realise the dream of eVTOL vehicles in Kenya is on course, and the partnership with Eve is a key achievement for us as part of the strategy to adopt new technologies as a growth strategy for the sustainable development of Africa,” said Allan Kilavuka, Group Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Kenya Airways.

This is a new phase of the cooperation between Eve and Fahari Aviation to reaffirm both businesses’ dedication to building the structures that will sustainably support Kenya’s urban air transportation ecosystem.

Kenyan Airway’s Subsidiary To Purchase 40 Flying Cars To Ease Transportation

“Last year, we announced a collaboration to develop operational models for Fahari Aviation’s key markets, and today’s announcement confirms that it is evolving successfully,” said Andre Stein, co-CEO of Eve.

Eve’s zero-emission, low-noise, and accessible eVTOL, along with its global experience, will help the growth of air mobility in Kenya.

Fahari Aviation in Conjunction with Kenyan Airways has been concentrating on innovative and sustainable solutions to address various issues, such as traffic jams, sightseeing, parcel delivery, agriculture, and wildlife protection.


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