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Lori Harvey Stirs Reactions From Nigerians As She Eats Fufu and Egusi With Palm Wine

Lori Harvey, daughter of popular American comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey, made headlines in Nigeria after a video of her eating one of Nigeria’s delicacies went viral.

The American model was spotted in a Nigerian restaurant in another country ordering fufu and egusi soup.

Lori Harvey enjoyed the meal and washed down the delicacy with a bottle of palm wine, also known as palm sap in Nigeria.

Some Nigerians have since responded to the news of Lori Harvey’s newfound interest in Nigerian dishes. Most of the netizens’ comments allege a relationship between the model and an unknown Nigerian who they believe is the reason for the local Nigerian dishes.

Lori harvey

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Recall that Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey broke up earlier this year after just over a year together. A source told ET at the time that the couple had “recently split” and the reason for the split was “at different stages of their lives”.

“Lori and Michael recently split. They were at different stages in their lives,” the source shared. “They’re both trying to move on, but they’re both heartbroken and upset.”

Lori Harvey Stirs Reactions From Nigerians As She Eats Fufu and Egusi With Palm Wine

netizens’ reactions;

la_doosh: “She met a Nigerian.”

oficialmzcruz: “Afi palm juice nah. Nne is palm wine oh.” misshuyii_i: “A fanny pack is coming, keep going.”

prettydiva1100: “Why are you so talented, nah… .” zinnysings: “I really don’t understand why you keep hitting fufu/eba…‍♀️.”

jenzeeix: “Many videos show how to hit fufu first, now everyone thinks it’s a thing. I think they’ll be so shocked to learn that it’s not a ritual or even part of the eating process.” debby_zuby: “We don’t eat with the left hand.”

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