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Mask Heights Plans to Boost Ghana’s Tourism with Hot Air balloons

Mask Heights Plans to Boost Ghana's Tourism with Hot Air balloons

Mask Heights, Ghana’s first full-time commercial Hot Air balloon services has launched the first commercial hot air balloons in the country.

It occurred during the Christmas festive season and rolled into the New Year, across Ghana.

The Chief Operating Officer of Mask Heights, Nia Arthur, disclosed that the main purpose of the hot air balloon services is to boost tourism in Ghana.

In an interview with Business24, Nia revealed that the balloons would offer tourists the opportunity to view Ghana’s wonderful landscape, but this time, from an aerial point of view.


‘This is another aerial activity similar to paragliding and we hope that people will be excite about the prospect of having a spectacular and breath-taking bird’s eye-view of Ghana’s beautiful and striking landscapes and attractions.’

According to Nia Arthur, although the past few years have been difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he believes that this is the best time to offer its services to people in Ghana.

“We acknowledge that the last few years have been very tough and brought the multitude down, but we believe it’s time to lift them up. We are aligned with people who believed in our dream to make this happen and our ultimate driving force is to lift people up,” he said.

Not only that the balloons would boost tourism in Ghana, Nia affirmed that the services would provide the Ghanaians youth with skills as well as employment opportunities.

‘We’re dedicated to investing in people and hope to provide direct and indirect jobs for Ghanaians through our investments and partnerships with other industry players.


We’ll be providing jobs and skilled expertise to Ghanaians whilst contributing to the growth of the industry. Currently, all our crew are trained by experienced pilots from Turkey, where hot air balloon services are highly patronized,’ he added.


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