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Nigerian Police Rescue 35 Teenage Girls Exploited As Sex Slaves


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The Anambra State Police Command of Nigeria has rescued 35 teenagers who had been kidnapped and forced into becoming “sex slaves.”

According to reports, the police force of the South Eastern state of Nigeria was tipped off about the activities in a local hotel called “Gally Gally.” upon arriving at the scene to conduct an investigation, they discovered 35 teenage girls who were being used as sex slaves.

Details from policemen who were being praised for their intelligence unit and their prompt actions towards the rescue mission revealed that at least four of the young girls were already pregnant.

Sources in the area revealed that young girls were often trafficked and transported to the hotel camp. Sometimes convinced of a better life and other times, young girls are drugged and kidnapped, after which they are forced to engage in commercial sex.

Unfortunately, the proceeds of their activities are not directly paid to the girls, but are given to the “Madam.” A lady who oversees their activities and the choice of men who visit the hotel camp.

With the hotel owner, the madam is said to have control over the girls with such ridiculous authority that she states when and how they interact.

Thankfully, the police force was there for the rescue, as they swooped in, making arrests. Witnesses claim that the police arrested two men who guarded the hotel and kept the girls from escaping and also the assistant hotel manager from whom they recovered three pump action rifles, seven cartridges and the sum of N877,500.

Sex slaves

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While being interrogated by members of the Nigerian Police, the young girls revealed that they were from different parts of the country, with no apparent interactions before their time at the hotel.

As stated earlier, some claimed they were tricked and brought to the hotel from Delta state, Rivers, Ebonyi, and Benue among several other states within Nigeria to be used as sex slaves.

Punch spoke to a young lady at the scene, a victim whose name was identified as “Favor”. She revealed the unfortunate incidents she faced while under her “Madam.” Favor claimed she had earlier been pregnant, but was restricted from having the baby. So instead, her child was sold immediately it was born.

“I was lured into the business by a friend, who did not tell me that we would be used as prostitutes (sex slaves). I was told that I was coming to work as a sales girl, only to be trapped. I came there in August 2021, to work as a sales girl. None of us could run away because of the guards there and the heavy security around us,” Favor narrated.

“They charged up to N1,000 per man, and we used to get about 20 men who slept with us in a day, but our madam gave us N250 for a meal every day,” the distraught victim added.


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