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Despite Increasing Salaries of Its Teachers, Rwanda begins Hiring Zimbabwean Teachers


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Shortly after the Rwandan authorities decided to raise teachers’ salaries by an astronomical 88%, the government opened its doors to teachers from another African country, Zimbabwe.

So far, Zimbabwe has selected about 491 teachers who are undergoing training and verification to be flown to Rwanda in September as needed. Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Public Services Secretary Simon Masanga said the teachers would be hired under an agreement they signed with Rwanda.

“The recruitment is under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Zimbabwe and Rwanda on the exchange of qualified personnel between the two countries,” he said, adding that the first group of teachers that will take off immediately after the pre-departure will be a training carried out.

“Successful candidates are expected to travel to Rwanda in September, having received pre-departure training from a team of experts from Zimbabwe and the Rwandan Embassy to ensure that Zimbabweans are provided with proper guidance and necessary information prior to their assignment to be mediated on,” he said.


Mr. Masanga also said that teachers are chosen in specific areas. “We are recruiting competent educational personnel for employment in Rwanda in four categories: basic education, basic TVET (technical and vocational education and training), polytechnic and universities.”

We earlier reported that Primary school teachers in Rwanda will receive an 88% salary increase from August. This is part of the country’s incentives aimed at improving the lives of teachers.

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Despite Increasing Salaries of Its Teachers, Rwanda begins Hiring Zimbabwean Teachers

As part of these new revisions, high school teacher salaries will also be increased by 40%, the country’s Ministry of Education announced on its official Twitter page on Monday, August 1.

The released statement noted that the net salaries of certificate holders in the teaching profession, which currently start at FRW 50,849 (Ksh 5,856), will increase to Ksh 11,010.

“The salaries of principals, assistant principals and support staff working in public and government-sponsored schools have also been revised upwards. These decisions will take effect with the payment of teachers’ salaries in August 2022,” the statement added.


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