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Tanzanian Fuel Prices Hits New Highs as Tensions Rise In Eastern Europe

Tanzanian Fuel Prices Hits New Highs as Tensions Rise In Eastern Europe

Tanzanian fuel prices have become increasingly expensive as the continuous conflict in Eastern Europe hurts the global oil market. According to recent updates, the latest cap prices for May show a continuous rise in prices, especially in African nations, including Tanzania.

Announced on Tuesday, the cap prices for petroleum products were released by the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA). The report details the following; petrol will be sold at Tsh3,148 ($1.36); diesel at Tsh3,258 ($1.40) per liter at the pump in Dar es Salaam, which is up from Tsh2,861 ($1.23) and Tsh2,692 ($1.16); respectively, in April.The new prices, which take effect on Wednesday, May 4, represent a 9.5 percent increase for gasoline and a 17.1 percent increase for diesel, following increases of 12 and 21 percent in April, respectively.

According to EWURA, the retail price of kerosene in Dar es Salaam will be Tsh3,112 ($1.34) per liter, up from Tsh2,682 ($1.15) in April and Tsh2,209 ($0.95) in March.

EWURA in its announcement stated that “Prices of each petroleum product throughout the country will be computed based on the cost of the product received through the ports and the transport costs to the respective regions.”


Current Tanzanian Fuel Prices

Kyerwa area in the Kagera region, on the border with Rwanda and Uganda, remains the most costly selling point, with petrol currently costing Tsh3,385 ($1.46) per liter, diesel Tsh3,495 ($1.51), and kerosene Tsh3,350 ($1.44) per liter.

Fuel Price Today: Petrol gets cheaper by 13 paise/litre, diesel by 12  paise. Check revised rate | Business News – India TV

According to EWURA, “about 93 percent” of the recent price changes were due to increased international oil market prices, with “approximately 4%” due to surcharges. Interestingly, the agency revealed that Tanzania isn’t alone in its troubles, as its gas prices are similar to that of neighboring countries.

Wholesale rates for petrol and diesel shipments offloaded at Tanzania’s main ports surpassed Tsh3,000 ($1.3 per liter) for the first time in April, prompting the announcement of the new retail prices.

According to EWURA, petrol imported through the port of Dar es Salaam would cost Tsh3,015 ($1.302) per liter, while petrol imported through Tanga will cost Tsh3,028 ($1.308) and Mtwara will cost Tsh3,044 ($1.315).

Dar’s diesel exports were priced at Tsh3,125 ($1.35) per litre, Tanga’s at Tsh3,131 ($1.353), and Mtwara’s at Tsh3,176 ($1.372).

Kerosene imports came solely through the port of Dar es Salaam and will be sold at a wholesale price of Tsh2,980 ($1.287) per liter, excluding transport costs to other regions of the country.


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