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American Traveler Expresses Shock Over Moroccan Hospital Bill After Being Treated

American Traveler Expresses Shock Over Moroccan Hospital Bill After Being Treated

An American blogger and TikTok enthusiast, Christian Grossi, has revealed his surprise at the amount he had to pay for a hospital Treatment in Morocco.

Christian Grossi, an American blogger who was traveling around Morocco and filming his journey on TikTok, became ill with food illness and had to spend the night at the nearest hospital in Morocco.

Grossi recalled his shock when he received a hospital bill for about $31 (MAD307), a fair and perhaps reasonable bargain in comparison to the high cost of healthcare in the United States.

According to reports, the United States has the highest health-care costs in the world. According to data from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, an overnight hospital stay in the United States costs an average of $11,700 (MAD 115,934).


Knowing this, the 23-year-old blogger shared his experience of falling ill while visiting a foreign nation with his followers. Grossi was brought to the hospital after passing out and collapsing on the pavement.


“I was instantly admitted to the ER, and I was hooked up on two separate IVs with antibiotics and anti-nausea medication,” Grossi explained.

The blogger felt better the next morning and was ready to be released, but he was concerned about the hospital bill because he didn’t have health insurance.

“They gave me the bill for a night in the ER and four different drugs, and it came up to 31 US dollars,” he added, adding, “but HOW was it just $31!” Grossi explained.

The TikTok video received nearly 2 million views and spurred widespread arguments, with many commentators amazed at how low Moroccan hospital fees are in compared to those in the United States. Others, on the other hand, chastised the American health-care system and urged for “significant adjustments.”

“Proof that in America, healthcare isn’t about helping people or saving lives,” one commentator wrote. It’s all about the cash.” “When I was in Morocco, I bought an albuterol inhaler in every city I stopped in because they were $2ea,” said another. In the United States, an albuterol inhaler costs $50.


Grossi has been chronicling his travels around Marrakech and Fes, Morocco, on his TikTok and Instagram accounts. He has urged his fans to visit Morocco by sharing information about the country’s cultural practices, local food customs, and lodgings.

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