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6 Simple Ways To Make Money On Facebook As an African


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Aside from being used as a form of entertainment or a means of keeping in touch with loved ones, Facebook is also a platform that can be used to make money as an African.

Since its inception in 2004, the social media platform has proved to be one of the easiest tools used for making money.

Although most Africans already leverage the popularity of Facebook, some still lack the necessary knowledge needed to make money on the platform.

There are over 2 billion monthly active Facebook users, with almost 1.37 billion actively using the social network every day.

This creates a large market pool that many people have been and are still making money for with no investments.

With such a sizeable potential audience on Facebook, it is not surprising that people and businesses aim to earn money from the platform.

Because of Facebook’s immense size, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd.

This is particularly the case now that Facebook shows only part of posts in a person’s feed.

In fact, it is likely that the content you spend your time crafting and uploading to your business page will reach no more than 2% of your followers.

Facebook is primarily an online place where people hang out, socialize and share things of common interest.

This is one of the reasons why Facebook gives posts from someone’s personal account a higher weighting than posts from a page account.

If a person only has a small number of Facebook friends, they will not be able to spread the word very far.

Unless they are able to share unique content which people can share multiple times until it becomes viral.

On the other hand, if a person can attract a good number of supporters and engage with them on a regular basis, they will find their post on a lot of feeds.

So, the best way to make sure that people hear what you have to say is to build your support base to the extent where they consider you an influencer.

When you reach that point, it is easy to start making money on Facebook as an African.

Also, there is Facebook Advertising that can help with an extra push.

If you’re thinking of simple ways to make money on Facebook as an African, then this article is for you.

Before we list some of the simple ways to make money on Facebook as an African, there are, however, some things you need to put in place first.

  1. You would need to grow your number of friends to 5,000.
  2. Create a Facebook page and get a lot of likes.
  3. Grow your member database by creating a group.
6 Simple Ways To Make Money On Facebook As an African
source: financial express

6 Simple Ways To Make Money On Facebook As An African

  1. Start affiliate marketing
  2. Drive your Facebook page’s traffic to blogs at a cost.
  3. Sell a product or products on Facebook.
  4. Start Facebook marketing by influencing
  5. Get people to pay for sponsored likes and shares.
  6. Publish videos on Facebook

1. Start affiliate marketing

The first simple way to make money on Facebook as an African is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a win-win for everyone: you make money by promoting quality products and businesses on Facebook.

It is a lucrative business strategy for skilled Africans on Facebook.

If you have massive followers on Facebook, consider collaborating with companies to earn through affiliate marketing.

The idea is to create content with one or two affiliate links and earn a percentage on the product.

You get a percentage every time someone purchases the product with your link.

Many countries have barriers and restrictions when it comes to making money online, but affiliate marketing allows you to sell products across the world.

You can even earn up to 50% on sales.

Examples of businesses to register as an affiliate marketer for are eBay, Commission Junction, Amazon Associate, ClickBank, and ShareASale.

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2. Drive your Facebook page traffic to blogs

Driving traffic to your blog using Facebook is one of the most simple ways to make money as an African using Facebook.

If you are skilled at getting traffic from Facebook to your blogs, then it can be one of the easiest ways to make money.

Also, if you have a successful business page or group with massive followers, you may want to consider placing links to your blogs in them for a fee.

When your followers visit the page, it increases traffic and engagement for the business goal being accomplished.

Blogging is an effective strategy for targeting a large number of people, and it’s easier than ever now that you can monetize your blog with affiliate marketing.

3. Sell a product or products on Facebook

Another way to make money on Facebook as an African is by selling personal products.

Your followers determine your reach with this strategy as it increases your chances of making sales on a product.

Africans with a massive following on the platform can turn their pages into an eCommerce store to make money.

African eCommerce is booming, and Facebook is an excellent platform to sell personal products. Your followers are potential customers so use your personal page as a shop to sell such items.

Personal product promotion is an effective strategy for African entrepreneurs to make money. Social media is one of the best places where you can reach millions of people with a click and strategically market your products.

Facebook is also ideal for advertising your brand, so take advantage and start selling from your pages today.

This is your cue to start selling that product or service on your Facebook page.

4. Start Facebook marketing by influencing

Advertising and influencing is a proven way to make money as an African. It works by increasing sales as well as generating new leads.

The perfect way to market your products, services, and brands to the masses is through influencers’ pages. This is another simple way to make extra cash.

Lyfe Marketing said that it is perfect for skilled Africans because this method takes revenue streams to the next level. With your large number of followers, it is easy to promote the products and services of others on your page in exchange for fees.

The African influencers who take advantage of the advertising and influencing strategy are successful on Instagram.

5. Get people to pay for sponsored likes and shares

For this one, all you need to do is to find businesses that are in need of your service.

Because of Facebook’s popularity and active users, getting paid for shares and likes is one of the quickest ways to get money.

Many businesses and individuals want likes and shares on their videos and social media posts, and Africans can benefit from this.

The concept is to share links in your groups and pay your followers to share and like them. You earn extra money if their posts and videos receive more likes through your group or page.

It’s that simple!

6. Publish videos on Facebook

According to Search Engine Journal, publishing videos on Facebook is lucrative for creators to make a desirable amount of money.

While various African content creators have high revenue streams on YouTube, Facebook is similar. Skilled Africans with video creation expertise can earn a decent income on the social media platform.

Whether you’re into vlogging, gaming, crafts, or lifestyle, Facebook is the perfect place to share your passion with your fans.

The social media platform has over 1 billion daily users and that’s a huge potential market for creatives who want to make money from their work.

The idea is to choose your desired niche and create videos with valuable content helpful to your Facebook audience.

The social media platform pays creators for advert sales based on the number of views and likes. Facebook also uses an algorithm to determine how much money content creators receive through advertising sales.

In simpler terms, you get paid based on the number of views on the videos you publish. While the platform gets 55% of revenue from the video, the creators keep the remaining 45%.

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For Africans, Facebook is a valuable medium and one of the simplest ways for Africans to make money and earn a decent living.

It’s time to start learning more about the platform and earning money.

If you do your homework and follow all of the strategies in this post, you can start making money from Facebook sooner rather than later.

Many have done so and will continue to do so in the future. It all depends on whether you’re interested or not.

It does not matter if you’re looking for work, a little extra cash, or a way to make your business stand out from the rest, Facebook is an excellent resource.

The reality is that Facebook is not going anywhere and will likely continue to grow into the future.

Hopefully, this article should inspire you and make you realize that there’s a real way of picking up a full-time income, or even a significant source of extra income if you put your mind to it.

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