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Zambia Launches Africa’s Largest Nickel Mine, To Becomes Africa’s Biggest Nickel Producer.


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Zambia Lauches Africa’s Largest Nickel Mine, aims to become Africa’s largest nickel producer, with First Quantum Minerals (FQM), the country’s largest nickel producer, committing to invest US$100 million in the Nickel Project enterprise to increase production.

The existing nickel mine, Munali Nickel, has a total annual production capacity of approximately 4,000 tonnes (over 300 tonnes per month).

The new FQM plant is expected to produce 30,000 and will be operational within 12 months. The mine will employ approximately 700 full-time employees.


The new Enterprise Nickel mine is approximately 14 kilometers from the FQM Sentinel mine in Kalumbila. This has been approved by the authorities, with earthworks progressing well so far.

According to reports, FQM will invest US$ 100 million in the new project. When fully operational, the Company will be among the ten largest nickel mining operations in the world, producing 30,000 tons of the mineral concentrate annually. This will make Zambia, Africa the largest African nickel producer in the world.

Zambia Launches Africa's Largest Nickel Mine, To Becomes Africa’s Biggest Nickel Producer.

The companies’ high-quality nickel sulfide deposits are used to manufacture batteries for electric vehicles (EVs).

However, Copper and nickel are key to producing new technologies and launching the green energy revolution.

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