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Renowned Egyptian Businessman Sentenced to 3-Years in Prison For Sexual Assualt

A renowned Egyptian businessman has been sentenced to three years in prison for “human trafficking” and “sexual assault” against seven minors in an orphanage he established in the south of Cairo.

On January 8, media and real estate mogul Mohammed El-Amin was remanded in detention on charges of “sexual assault on children with the use of force.”He will also be fined 200,000 Egyptian pounds (about $11,000 USD) for his crimes.

A Cairo criminal court sentenced him to three years in prison on Monday. However, the defense attorney claimed that the charges were “baseless.”

While the issue and evidence seem quite overwhelming, the court granted the businessman permission to appeal.

Before the sentence that has since gone viral, Mohammed El-Amin was facing the possibility of life in jail for aggravated sexual assault.

According to reports, his supposed victims were both minors who were under the care of the orphanage he had established in Beni Soueif, about 100 kilometers south of Cairo.

Discussing the incident and the sensitive aspects of the case, a source within the Judicial panel disclosed that Images were discovered on his phone, and officers from the ministry in charge of overseeing orphanages also created recordings of discussions with the young orphans detailing the attack.

Information from the prosecuting team was that the tycoon seemed to have abused his power in front of the orphans. They claimed that he would often sexually assault the young girls from the orphanage and threaten expulsion if they dared to report him.


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Recall that the Government Council for Motherhood and Childhood referred the issue to the prosecutor’s office on December 10, citing a Facebook page accusing the owner of the “Al-Moustaqbal” organization – the owner of the numerous CBC television channels – of “sexual assault” on young girls in Beni Soueif.

Mohammed El-Amin is accused of “frequent indecent attacks on the victims without their consent,” including “at his villa on Egypt’s northern coast,” where he “assaulted them by asking them to engage in immoral practices,” according to the prosecution.

In recent years, public criticism of child sex offenses has grown in Egypt, from the major Sunni Islamic institution al-Azhar to Hollywood stars and the general public.

Recall that a report by the Thomson Reuters Foundation earlier in 2013 declared that Cairo was voted the most dangerous megacity for women.

According to the UN, 99.3% of women in the city have experienced sexual harassment, which can range from unwelcome advances to rape.

Systemic sexual exploitation in Egypt has been branded a “social disease” by the Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights.

Reports of major sexual attacks on female protestors in 2005 at Tahrir Square demonstrations and other political events shocked and saddened the world.

Witnesses recorded the screams of women, including international journalists, who had been sexually violated by dozens of attackers, among those singing, dancing, and celebrating President Hosni Mubarak’s retirement in 2011.

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